Heroic Pune Metro Guard Saves 3-Year-Old’s Life with Quick Thinking

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Sumit Singh

Pune, 19th January 2024: In a remarkable display of quick thinking and bravery, Pune Metro Guard, Vikas Bangar, averted a potential tragedy and saved the life of a 3-year-old boy at the Civil Court Elevated Station.

Today, at 2:22 pm, chaos ensued as the young child accidentally fell onto the tracks from Platform 2. The child’s mother, driven by maternal instinct, also fell in an attempt to rescue her child. With the train just 30 meters away from the station on both sides, the situation was critical.

However, Bangar, the vigilant on-duty guard, sprang into action. Recognizing the imminent danger, he swiftly operated the emergency train stop button. Miraculously, both trains on the parallel tracks came to an abrupt halt just before reaching the Civil Court Elevated Station.

The immediate response allowed the child and his mother to be safely rescued from the tracks, reuniting them with their family. Bangar’s exemplary presence of mind and courageous actions in the face of adversity have earned him accolades from Maha Metro. He is set to be felicitated for his outstanding work, underscoring the significance of well-trained and quick-thinking personnel in ensuring the safety of metro commuters.