Hindutwavadi organizations and Moshi (and adjoining) villagers to launch agitation against the proposed Sunburn festival

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“We will not allow the staging of the culture-rampaging Sunburn festival under any circumstances”

Moshi (Chinchvad) :
Sant Dnyaneshwar Maharaj and Sant Tukaram Maharaj carried out their devine mission of spreading “Adhyatma”, reviving culture and restoring values in the society. The pilgrimage center of Alandi and Dehu where these saints lived are most sacred to millions of the faithful. This year, there is a possibility that the so-called “Sunburn” festival will be near Alandi and Dehu at the Pune International Exhibition and Conversion Center located in Pimping – Chinchvad Navnagar Pradhikaran. The organizers of the said festival have already started online ticket- sale even without waiting until all the necessary permissions are obtained. A strong protest was staged at the Moshi chowk as a part of the “Sant Bhoomi ani Sanskruti Rakshan Abhiyan” against the proposed so-called festival which is known to promote drug-abuse, addiction and general culture-less and superficial behaviour. The protesters have stated that this festival is a part of international conspiracy to wean away the youth from Hindu culture and have warned that it will not be allowed to be staged at Moshi or any other place in Pune district. About ____ number of people including activists belonging to the Hindutwavadi organizations, local villagers, gram-panchyat members and sarpanches had gathered under the leadership of Hindu Janajagruti Samiti. There is a growing opposition to the proposed festival and the Gram-sabhas of villages Chimbli, Moi, Kuruli and Keegan have passed resolutions to that effect. The organizers of the festival showed their utter disregard for the law last year when it was staged in village Kesnand by indulging in illegal digging and tree-felling. A fine to the tune of a whopping Rs one-and-half crores has been slapped on them for the same. They had also erected temporary liquor stalls throwing to the winds a ten year old prohibitory resolution of the gram-sabha.

On previous occasions, when Sunburn was held in Goa, a large number of youth were caught consuming Hukkah and Chilim as also drugs were being consumed by them in make-shift toilets constructed at festival site. A young girl namely Neha Bahuguna was found dead due to drug overdose. A youth by the name Saurabh Agarwal was arrested for carrying drugs at the festival site on yet another occasion when it was staged at Vagator in Goa. In 2013, about 450 bottles of Ketamin (the “date-rape-drug” used for sexual exploitation of women) were seized from the festival site. Thus, the staging of such dubious and perverse “festival” is nothing but a conspiracy to misdirected our youth which is increasingly being viewed globally as our major national asset on a path of self-distruction. Such enterprises should not be encouraged at least by a government which prides itself as a champion of Bharatiya Sanskruti.

The staging of such a festival pushing the youth towards drug-abuse and addiction that too at a place having great legacy of the Saints will be opposed tooth and nail. The struggle will continue until this festival is banished not only from Pune, the culture-capital of Maharashtra but from entire Bharat. On one hand the prime minister is promoting skill development for the youth while the state government is allowing such festivals which drive the youth towards their downfall. In a way, this is nothing but destroying the PMs policies. Parag Gokhle of the Hindu Janajagruti Samiti has demanded that the state government should make public it’s policy towards Sunburn which promotes a lot of illegal and immoral activiries failing which the Samiti will be forced to launch a massive agitation.