How fantasy sports apps like Howzat are strengthening India’s bond with cricket

Howzat app
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Pune, December 28, 2020: You will agree that cricket is not just a sport for Indians — it is more like a religion. Indians are fascinated with cricket and love anything and everything related to cricket. In their childhood, almost every Indian must have thought of playing for India. Cricket inspires millions of people in the country, and everyone wants to be a part of it. 

An interesting cricket match brings families and friends together as people cheer for their favorite team and celebrate its victory. You must have heard expert comments from your family and friends while watching a cricket match, such as “Uh-oh, he should have hit it over the long on!” or “He should have bowled a yorker.” Everybody wants to be a cricket expert, but there is no use of that expertise and the strategies unless they are actually used in the match. But fantasy sports apps and websites have changed that and many other things and now you can utilize your cricket expertise without going out to play. 

India has many highly valued fantasy sports start-ups. One popular fantasy sports app with over 7 million users is Howzat. There is something about Howzat that sets it apart from the other apps. It allows you to play fantasy sports by using your skills and knowledge of sports. It has become a big name in the industry, and thousands of new players register on the app every day!

Here is how Howzat is changing how we play and watch cricket with its extraordinary features:

1. Enhances your skills

The most amazing thing about playing on Howzat is that you can work on your decision-making and critical thinking skills while having fun. You can enhance your knowledge of cricket as well. The app provides you detailed information not only about cricketers but also about the field, pitch condition and weather conditions, batting and bowling line-ups, etc. You become more observant and experience greater excitement. Experience the adrenaline rush and bring those brilliant skills to the front as you take part in a fantasy cricket match perfectly imitating the real-field scenario.

2. Provides quality entertainment

Fantasy cricket offers a great way to have some fun after a long, stressful day. You can play the game not only at your favorite spot at home, but also while traveling via bus, train, etc. Isn’t that amazing? Besides, you can improve your strategy skills playing the game, which will help you not only in cricket but also in everyday life. Since most gamers spend almost a third of their day playing games, why not give them an activity that enhances their skills? To make the user experience absolutely seamless and enjoyable, the game incorporates exceptional animations and graphics that perfectly mimic what real-life cricket feels like. With highly appealing graphics and exciting games, Howzat is like a small slice of entertainment that allows you to experience the thrill of real cricket whenever and wherever you like.

3. Tests your skills and strategies

Howzat gives cricket fans a way to put their cricket skills and strategies to the test. You can select your own team of real players of cricket, kabaddi or football and participate in fantasy sports contests. Use your knowledge of cricket, devise strategies and then test them on the fantasy field. Howzat has a fantasy sports website as well as a mobile app. Players can quickly download this fantasy cricket app onto their mobiles and start playing. It’s as simple as that.

4. You can win cash

Why should players on the field win all the prizes? Prizes are not limited to just real-life cricket. While you can participate just for the glory, you can also win real money by playing fantasy cricket on Howzat. Even if the real team you like loses, you still have a chance to win cash if the players selected by you on your fantasy team perform well. What matters the most is your selected players’ statistical performance on the ground in the real match.

Online cricket has broken many barriers and has come out on top as an outstanding way for people to play the game with all its charm. Playing real cricket will always hold an extra special place in people’s hearts, but online fantasy cricket has won millions of hearts too and has become a craze in India. All a fantasy player needs is some knowledge of the game and a quick sneak peek at some fantasy cricket tips and tricks, and they can start playing exciting matches. You can start by going for a quick fantasy cricket game download, register with Howzat and join a match. If your team wins a cash contest, the cash prize will be credited to your account instantly. 


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