How This Sites Can Discourage Addictive From Spending More Money

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Anyone can become a gambling addict, and it always starts as fun to a place where you cannot do without gambling, bringing forth serious damage in one’s life. Any form of gambling, be it sports betting, roulette, slots, or scratch cards, could become problematic and affect one’s relationship and work performance; if the addictive gambling could lead to heavy financial loss that can lead to suicide, drug addiction, and divorce.

That’s why gambling sites should take action towards avoiding addictive gambling, which has been on the rise in the past few years. Gambling addiction is a disorder like other gambling addictions like alcohol and drug addiction. There is an estimated 80% of people who get gambling addiction never seek any help, and 70% of the people who seek treatment after getting addicted to gambling get relapsed and start betting again.

The statistics are alarming; that’s why there is a need for gambling sites to discourage addictive gambling.

Ways Which Betting Sites Discourage Addictive Gambling

Many regulated betting companies are working hand in hand with the government to make sure that they are reducing the gambling addiction

Maximum Deposits

Betting websites found on have pre-commitment tools that allow punters to set limits for their deposits. However, there is no clear evidence of how effective maximum deposits discourage the gamblers from spending more money gambling.

A maximum deposit is the amount of money you can deposit in your betting account within a day or some time. One thing that would affect the maximum deposit is if there would be a restriction on gambler deposits. Most casinos have voluntary deposit limits because of the compulsory limits; most players found them patronizing. But most addicted gamblers exceed the voluntary gambling limits they have set compared to other gamblers.

 Different sites have different maximum deposits, so you have to choose, and it should be your concern

The Pros Of Maximum Deposit

The maximum deposit will help budget and account for the money you deposit in your betting site account. It is also important since it will allow you to bet the money you have put aside for gambling, ensuring responsible gambling. Once you set your deposit limit, you cannot change it within a certain period, and once you reach your target, you cannot deposit more money.

 The sportsbooks are helping the bettors gamble responsibly, and you can change your deposit limit after the restriction period has elapsed.

 Taking A Break From Betting

 If you feel you need a break from betting to help in responsible betting then you should. Some sites have included a “take a break” option where you can exclude yourself from gambling for specific times. The sites will allow you to choose the time frame if it’s a long or a short break. All you need to do is log in to your account, select the take a break option, and select if it’s a long or a short break or a permanent exclusion if the breaks are not working.

Before making permanent or long breaks, check whether you have bending bets because they will automatically be canceled, but short breaks will not affect your pending bets.

 How Effective Will Permanent Exclusion Be?

Suppose you have a gambling problem and have tried the breaks in vain; it’s time to take the permanent exclusion. When you permanently exclude yourself from the site, your account will be terminated, which would be the end of your betting on that account. But if you need to exclude yourself from multiple accounts from different sportsbooks, you can check out and fill in the universal barring form.

The self-exclusion could work well for reformed addicts or regular gamblers who would love to stop if they find it getting out of hand. On the other hand, for someone suffering from obsessive gambling, self-exclusion won’t be their desired choice.

Training The Staff To Handle Obsessive Gambling

The gambling sites train their staff first to detect problem gambling; that’s why they have trained their staff on how to help such people, and if the staff is untrained, they should forward the case to the manager.

Some people who have a problem with an addictive gambling problem will reach out to the site asking for help on how to deal with their problem. The players’ information should be discreet and confidential. Most staff are trained with basic skills to help players with betting obsession. Training is good, but they should consider in-depth training, considering staff job satisfaction and gender.

Interrupting Informative Pop-Up Messages

For people with gambling disorders, there is a responsible gambling strategy to reduce the problem: the pop-up warning messages. The pop-up messages will be very important messages that will appear on the screen when you are playing, whether to tell you to have some time remaining to reach your time limit. The messages will alert and prepare the player psychologically that their time is almost up. It could help reduce obsessive gambling, where some bettors will spend long hours betting and wasting a lot of money.

 Time Limits

 A time limit is a tool that allows the player to set the tile limit they would wish to spend betting or gaming. There are have been different types of limits that the operators have introduced to enhance responsible gambling, such as

  • Play limit: this is where you set the maximum amount of money you would like to spend in a specific time, for example, a week, a day, or a month.
  • Bet limit: this is where a bettor will set the maximum amount of money they can bet on a single game or match.
  • The loss limit: is the maximum amount of money you could lose in a single session. This is effective because bettors lose more money chasing the money lost and have heavier losses.

In setting the limits, the bettors are given a chance to do it voluntarily and choose to use the limit tool to their advantage. Some operators are more flexible than others, allowing players to choose the limits for particular games. Fixed limits set by the betting site mostly do not encourage the bettors to bet responsibly, and they tend to spend more than the limit by logging on to other accounts or shifting to other sites with flexible limits.


Addictive gambling could be reduced by using tools that will enhance responsible gambling. The tools and strategies used by the betting sites provide fair and safe gambling for its players. There is hope for responsible gambling since the betting sites’ tools have created awareness, and most people are changing their gambling behaviors.