How to book autorickshaw in Pune during Lockdown?

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Pune, April 14, 2020: Pune city police have joined hands with autorickshaw unions to provide emergency travel service to people in Pune. Other vehicles are not allowed to ply due to lockdown to fight against COVID19.

Under ‘Dial Autorickshaw’ initiative, about 200 autorickshaws are plying. People in Pune can call on 9859198591 and get clean and sanitised Auto Rickshaw at their doorstep. All Autos are equipped with Sanitiser. This step will help to get Rickshaw for transport by preventing virus transmission. According to police, this service can only be used for patient transport and in case of emergency. Abuse of this facility can lead to legal action.

“Since March 24, we have received 21,337 calls and have provided 2909 trips till now. Daily we are receiving thousands of requests and to answer every request on call is very difficult. Hence we have started taking bookings on WhatsApp on same 9859198591. We are also accepting bookings on twitter @rahulshitole11”, informed Rahul Shitole of CityGlide Auto, who is coordinating the services.

“We are also taking 1-day advance bookings and currently accepting bookings in three categories

1. Medical Emergency
2. Bank employees, Medical Staff, PMC staff
3. People with Police Pass

All the credit goes to autorickshaw drivers who are going 8-10 KM empty to serve passenger and that too autorickshaws are running on the meter. In this difficult time, I think rickshaw drivers have an opportunity to change their image and I am happy that most of the drivers are doing it. Rickshaw Panchayat is trying to get sanitisation materials from PMC. Also Rickshaw Federation and Baba Shinde are helping us to attach new drivers”, Shitole further informed.