How to identify fake calls coming in the name of Banks; know the ways to save yourself here

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New Delhi, January 27, 2021: The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has recently issued a warning about frauds using mobile numbers. According to the notice, fraud is being done from mobile numbers similar to toll-free numbers of banks or financial institutions. Cons keep mobile numbers similar to toll-free numbers of financial institutions and save the number on an app like TrueCaller along with the name of the institution.

For example, the number of phone calls coming from the bank is 1600-123-1234. These fraudsters then obtain a number for it, just like 600-123-1234, and successfully register it as a bank’s toll-free number on a truecaller or other service app. It becomes difficult for people to know whether the call is from a bank / financial institution or a fraudulent phone is made.

To avoid these frauds, customers should consider some important thing

First of all, it is crucial to understand that no financial institution or their representatives send emails, SMS, WhatsApp messages, or make phone calls to ask for personal information, passwords, or OTPs. Such communication attempts fraudulently to withdraw money from customers’ bank accounts through Internet banking. Never respond to such emails, SMS, WhatsApp messages, or phone calls.

Banks verify only the account number and name to confirm the customers, and no bank ever asks for the ATM PIN or CVV number written on the card. Customers who have lost their credit or debit cards should also be careful. In case the customer’s card is lost, inform the bank.

Customers should never click on the link received through SMS for ‘verification’ of the card. It is essential to understand that the bank already verifies the card, and there is no need to reply to such messages.

Customers should always reach the bank’s contact details from their official website and use secure means to contact them in case of problems.

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