How to Improve Your Productivity

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6 Feb 2020- There’s nothing more fulfilling than closing each day knowing you’ve accomplished everything on your list. Being productive means managing your time well. Unfortunately, most of us aren’t as productive as we should. Maybe we’re reactive rather than proactive or we have bad habits that may interfere with our productivity. Here are a few changes you can make to boost your productivity.

Take regular breaks

While this may seem counterintuitive, taking short breaks can boost creativity and concentration. If you’re stumped by a problem and then you decide to take a break you’ll come back with a burst of inspiration. Working for long stretches leads to stress and fatigue. On average, a person can only concentrate for 40 minutes. When you step away from your desk, you give the brain a chance to regroup and focus better. Also, taking short breaks promotes creativity and passion. This applies both in and out of the office. Just like the rest of the body, our brains need a breather to improve productivity.

Learn to single-task

If you want to boost productivity, you must focus on a single task. When you do one activity at a time, there’re no disruptions. I’m sure you’ve heard the word multi-tasking. These are multi-connected tasks that can help you achieve the same result. But this is not always the case. The brain has to switch between the tasks quickly making us less efficient. We may not notice the small changes but the extra time to switch ads up.

While your brain is capable of multi-tasking, you deny it the chance to perform at its best. This may sound inefficient but it allows you to create higher quality work. So, what can we do to ensure we don’t lose sight of the time in the process? We should use tools like Timeular or RescueTime. They keep a record of what you’ve been working on. More specifically, they highlight the start and finish time. You may want to have these dedicated tools in place to improve your productivity.

Plan each day the night before

The secret to a productive day is to plan the night before. When you come up with to-do-lists, your day will be off to a great start. This will ensure you get a successful morning routine. Secondly, you can start your day without worrying that you’re forgetting something. And because you already know what lies ahead, you can prioritize the tasks that must be done no matter what. With careful planning, you’ll have more room for those tasks that are less important.

You should do the hardest tasks the first thing in the morning. This will get the momentum going as you tackle the less daunting tasks. If you aim to finish the non-negotiables by noon, you can push your body to the limit. You’ll be surprised how your overall productivity skyrockets.

Use automated tools

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Final thoughts

If you want to boost productivity, you should plan your time well. Be sure to follow the above smart tips to boost your productivity in everything you do.