How to Maintain a Clean and Safe Environment

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Irfan Pathan 

Pune, 4th July 2022: As per a recent WHO study, 99 % of the world’s population is breathing polluted, toxic air laden with fine particulate matter. The major cause of damage to the planet’s resources, such as forests, seas, mountains, and the atmosphere, is human greed. But there are various ways one can adhere to environmental standards that protect the planet and keep our environment clean and safe.


Limit Energy Consumption:

Reducing your energy consumption is a step towards helping the environment while also benefitting the user. For example, using less electricity can save you money by lowering your electric bill. Turning off the lights when you leave a space or room is a simple way to reduce your energy consumption. Begin by unplugging electronic devices that aren’t in use to help keep the environment clean. You can turn off your mobile phone, coffee maker, microwave, laptop, television, printer etc. basic measures like these also help reduce CO2 emissions.


Choose Environmentally Sustainable Commute:

According to research, vehicles emit more than 50,000 tons of PM2.5 every year in urban centres in India. The transportation sector accounts for about 8% of total greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in India, and it approaches 30% in Delhi. Although, it is possible to contribute to the betterment of the environment by not commuting unnecessarily or using a different mode of transportation. Carpooling to work is an excellent way of reducing carbon footprint. Additionally, adopting public transport systems whenever possible, some cities like Pune celebrate “BUS DAY” where citizens are encouraged to travel using the public transport. Such methods and efforts result in fewer private vehicles on the road for the day. Exploring options of retrofit devices to reduce emissions from existing vehicles is a great move until we adopt EVs on a much larger scale.


Implement newer technologies to make crematoriums sustainable:

The National Green Tribunal has suggested the use of electricity or gas instead of the use of wood for cremation. The crematoriums have been one of the major sources of pollution in recent times, especially during the unfortunate situation of the Covid crisis and the huge surge in the number of cremations. Opting for greener cremation in crematoriums that have effective and sustainable after treatment solutions to reduce PM emissions is one way of reducing and controlling air pollution. At the moment, several crematoriums have implemented the practice of using water scrubbers to reduce the air pollution, however, a lot of water is wasted to treat the smoke, and this wastewater paves its way into a water body or a landfill which transfers the pollution from air to water and land. To make the process environmentally friendly one may use caskets that don’t release toxic chemicals into the atmosphere during the process of cremation. To solve the problem of emissions of hazardous substances at the source, we need to look at more efficient and unique solutions that reduce emissions without wasting water.


Cut down burning wastes: 

Large amounts of toxic gases and particulates are emitted into the atmosphere during the process of garbage burning. Carbon dioxide, particulate matter and methane are examples of such pollutants that are largely associated with air pollution and can result in serious respiratory illness, sometimes life-threatening issues. This should be closely monitored and people should be encouraged to report such instances using a body, for eg, a public grievance system. At the administrative level, it is suggested to explore technologies that help in managing landfill waste without any environmental consequences or hazards.


Recycle and reuse:

Recycling and reusing are helpful to the environment since they not only contribute towards saving and conserving resources but also help to minimize gaseous and particulate emissions. It reduces greenhouse gas emissions, which play a role in global warming, and contributes to the ecosystem’s long-term preservation for coming generations. With the growing environmental issues, we must all work together to reverse the damage and keep our surroundings and environment clean. Many of us believe we are too insignificant to make a difference, but when people work together in one direction, the positive results add up!


We must acknowledge the changes in the environment and climate. With the rising environmental issues, we must all work together to reverse the destruction and keep our environment clean. Many of us consider we are too inconsequential to make a difference, but when enough of us gather to take action, the positive outcomes add up!

(Irfan Pathan is Co-Founder & CEO of Pi Green Innovation.)