Hundreds Of Women Stranded In Oman Who Are Victims Of Physical, Sexual, Financial Abuse

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Pune, 15th November 2022: Agents from all over the country send young women to the Gulf, claiming to offer them housework or nursing jobs. These agents have expanded their network in Pune, Mumbai, Nashik, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Delhi, and other cities. These women are lured with a salary of lakhs of rupees. It is said that at least Rs 50,000 will be spent on salary, accommodation, food, travel and visa. But in reality, these women are paid Rs 25,000 to Rs 45,000. Salaries are also often frozen. They are pressured to have physical relations. If they oppose it, they are sexually assaulted perversely.


A maid, a nurse for a sick person, and a cook will get a salary of at least Rs 50,000 per month. It is said that there is no need to pay for the visa. After getting there, the workload was much more than what was said, and the pay was less. As passports are withdrawn after departure, return cords are also cut. Hundreds of such Indian women are currently struggling to return home. Through one such woman from Bhosari, women from various states stuck in Oman have contacted the representative of ‘Civic Mirror’ and narrated their ‘distress’.


The movement against human exploitation has largely succeeded in ending the practice of torture around the world. However, the exploitation of women in the name of the contract system in Oman appears alarming.


For the past six months, these women have been pleading with the Indian Embassy in Oman to send them home. However, as they have not yet received help, some of these women have even tried to die by suicide by jumping into the sea. Over a hundred of these women have been sheltered in local Gurdwaras, some are staying at the home of a Kerala-based social worker, and others have taken shelter at the embassy due to delays in getting help from the embassy.


As local laws are not in favour of migrants, those trying to return home face many difficulties getting help. The women have alleged that after being taken to Oman as maids, nurses and cooks, they have to work outside the contract. These women say that they were subjected to physical, mental and sexual harassment due to their refusal to work outside the contract. The women who escaped from this went to the Indian embassy in Oman and sought help. These women have also protested after the delay in getting help there.


Locals in Oman have spent around Rs 2.5 to three lakh according to Indian currency for the visa, and these women have been told to pay this money and go to India. But, in reality, these women, who are getting a monthly salary of Rs 25,000 to Rs 45,000, are now asking how they will pay this money.


Women from various cities and states, including Pune, Pimpri-Chinchwad, Bangalore (rural), Punjab, and Bareilly, have been taken to Oman with the hope of employment. Of these, there are more than 100 women from the state of Punjab alone, and arrangements were made for them to stay in the Gurdwara. After that, a woman from Kerala sheltered 22 women from Pimpri-Chinchwad, Bareilly, Bangalore and other places in her house. Due to the efforts of this woman in Kerala, some women have returned to India, and many women are still waiting for help.


“I was tricked and sent here. Now the same agent is pressuring my parents to send my little sister. He is threatening my parents, stating that if they want their elder daughter back home, they need to send the younger one to work there. Now he has made it a point, I want to go to India; But I don’t want to return home after ruining my younger sister’s life,” said the woman from Bangalore who is currently in Oman.


22 women from Chinchwad, Bareilly, Bangalore and other places have been given shelter in their homes. Due to the efforts of this woman in Kerala, some women have returned to India, and many women are still waiting for help.


As women’s passports are confiscated after they go to the Gulf countries, the roads back home are closed for these women. So one needs to be careful not to get cheated in trying to get job opportunities in Gulf countries. Meanwhile, a youth from Pimpri-Chinchwad who was stuck in ‘Kuwait’ was recently rescued by Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MLA Uma Khapare with the help of Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis. After that, it is now clear that numerous women from all over the country are stuck in Oman alone.