Hyundai Unveils Futuristic Flying Taxi: Supernal SA2 Details Revealed!

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14th January 2024: Hyundai Motor, currently ranking as the third largest car manufacturer in India, is not only a global giant in car manufacturing but also boasts a diverse range of impressive vehicles. Recently, Hyundai made waves globally by unveiling its new flying taxi at CES 2024, anticipating production to commence by 2028. Hyundai foresees a surge in demand for flying taxis due to worsening road traffic, and the company is actively addressing this challenge.




The Hyundai Flying Taxi, named Supernal SA2, promises to be a remarkable aerial vehicle with vertical take-off and landing capabilities. Although not its debut, the initial unveiling of the SA1 occurred in 2020. With a capacity for up to five passengers and the pilot, this electric-powered flying taxi represents Hyundai’s commitment to advancing transportation technology. Hyundai President Jaiwon Shin, known for his extensive research with NASA, highlights the anticipated growth of eVTOL aircraft as a future alternative to traditional taxis.




The design and features of the Supernal SA2 showcase an appealing and sleek appearance. Engineered to be quieter than conventional helicopters and light aircraft, it operates entirely on electricity. Capable of flying at speeds up to 192 kilometers per hour and reaching an altitude of 15,000 feet, the Supernal SA2 is designed for short flights covering distances between 40 to 65 kilometers. Its stability in mid-air is maintained by eight tilting rotors. Hyundai’s Chief Designer, Luc Donckerwolker, envisions this innovation, named Auto Meet Aero, as a transformative leap forward in the realm of vehicles.




While the global launch date for the Supernal SA2 remains undisclosed, expectations suggest production initiation in 2025, with trial vehicles undergoing testing in 2026 and 2027. The official word on its availability in the Indian market is yet to be announced, implying a prolonged timeline before the Hyundai Flying Taxi makes it

s way to India.