Mahindra to Introduce XUV700 through CSD for Defence Personnel in the Coming Months

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Pune, 15th January 2023: In a significant development, Mahindra & Mahindra has announced plans to make its popular model, the XUV700, available through the Canteen Stores Department (CSD) for defense personnel. This comes after a prolonged period of over two years since the launch of the XUV700 in August 2021, during which the vehicle was not listed under CSD.


Mahindra Faces Criticism on Twitter for Delay in Providing XUV 700 and Scorpio To Defence Personnel through CSD


Despite its soaring popularity in the market, the Scorpio N, Mahindra’s highest-selling car in recent months, has not seen any new updates or information from the company. In December 2023, Mahindra sold 11,335 units of the Scorpio N, while the XUV700 recorded sales of 5881 units. November 2023 witnessed the Scorpio N selling 12,185 units, while the XUV700 sold 7221 units, showcasing the consistent demand for both models.


Responding to mounting requests and criticisms from citizens, Mahindra acknowledged the delay and assured the public that the XUV700 would soon be available through CSD, a move appreciated by many eagerly awaiting customers.


The company’s statement now specifies a more concrete timeline, stating that CSD sales for selected variants of the XUV700 will commence in the coming months. This adjustment in communication indicates a responsive approach to customer concerns.


Amidst this, citizens, including Gurmandeep Singh, took to social media, tagging Anand Mahindra, expressing their frustration and urging the company to expedite the listing of the XUV700 through CSD.


Gurmandeep Singh, in a tweet directed at Mahindra, emphasized the need for an exact tentative timeline, reflecting the growing impatience among customers who have been waiting for the CSD listing since the XUV700’s launch in August 2021.



In another tweet, SanjayS07821523 echoed similar sentiments, calling on Mahindra to promptly list the XUV700 through CSD, considering the extended wait.