“I would drive everyone to the sets of Kaushiki”, says actor Sayani Gupta

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It is not uncommon for actors to use the time to and fro from work, in refining a certain skill. For actor Sayani Gupta, who will be seen in Viu’s highly awaited web-series – Kaushiki, her drive to the sets turned into a fun-filled experience wither her co-stars. So, it seems that Sayani had recently taken-up driving and wanted to practice by being on the road. It so happened, that the sets of Kaushiki were quite a distance from her place. However, since she had only begun driving recently she was apprehensive about driving long-distances. In this scenario, her co-stars came to her rescue.
Commenting on her dilemma, Sayani shares, “I have learnt driving only recently, and just as anyone else in this scenario I was also apprehensive about being on-the-road for long stretch of hours since Kaushiki sets happen to be a good 2 – 3 hours away by road. At the same time, I knew I could use the travel to practice my driving skills. So, my co-stars who also reside close to my house, were happy to jump onboard and accompany me on the drive. This also became an opportunity for all of us to bond and connect with each other. I am glad that they trusted me as a driver, when I am only still polishing my driving skills.”
The team must have certainly had a great time on the long drives and with Sayani at the wheels.
To catch Sayani on Kaushiki, tune into Viu on April 27th as one of the highly-awaited shows unfolds on the platform.