In Less Than 3 Years, 23 Emergency Landings Took Place: Civil Aviation Ministry

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New Delhi, 8th December 2022: Between January 2020 to till now, the airline’s operating crew has declared an emergency on 23 flights.


In a written response submitted to the Lok Sabha today (December 8), the Ministry of Civil Aviation stated that the defective components were changed in 19 cases after the aircraft had landed. A bird strike caused one emergency landing while three emergency landings were caused by weather diversions. Such instances were carefully examined, and the seriousness of them was established. Investigations were done on incidents based on their seriousness.


According to the Ministry, no violations were discovered in these instances.


According to information provided by the Ministry, from January 2020 to till now, Indigo airline planes experienced 11 emergency landings, while SpiceJet aircraft experienced four such occurrences. Similarly to this, Air India had two of these occurrences, while AirAsia had one emergency landing.


The Ministry stated, “The aircrafts are maintained by operators according to the o manufacturer’s recommendations. If an incident occurs, such as an emergency landing brought on by a malfunctioning aircraft system, the system is fixed following an approved maintenance schedule, and the aircraft is then made available for use. The DGCA conducts surveillance and spot checks through their Annual Surveillance Plan to make sure that aircraft are maintained following the manufacturer’s guidelines.”


Based on the findings of the DGCA investigation, the Airport Authority of India issued two circulars in 2021 and 2022 to prevent future emergency landings caused by weather diversions.


The Ministry also stated that wildlife hazard management plans had to be in place at all licensed airports.