‘India Against Hatred’ movement to be launched on August 9

India Against Hatred
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Pune/Mumbai, August 8, 2020: ‘India Against Hatred’, a people’s movement, will be launched on August Kranti Din (Aug 9, 1942) on the lines of the ‘India Against Corruption’ movement, which is still relevant and has people’s backing. However, hatred is a bigger evil and people need to join hands to fight against it, said India Against Hatred (IAH) National Convener Nilesh Navalakha. He is a social activist and filmmaker.

“Social crusaders such as Gandhian Anna Hazare, Justice PB Sawant and former IPS officer JF Ribeiro will guide the movement. Hate campaigns being run on social media and incidents of violence in the past some years are disturbing and need immediate action. Hence, we are launching this people’s movement against the perpetuation of hatred in our country on August 9, which is a symbol of our resolve to uproot the evil from our society,” stated a press release issued by the IAH.

In the backdrop of the Chinese incursion into the Indian territory and the Coronavirus pandemic, many hate campaigns are being run on social media against great personalities, historical figures, historians, intellectuals, including writers, filmmakers, and people in general, which are dividing and damaging our social and cultural fabric. They are being trolled on social media using a very foul language, including abuses, fabricated videos and photos with fake profiles. Many IT Acts are not being implemented properly to tackle such evil”, said Nilesh Navalakha in the release.

“The idea of India is based on diversity. India’s diversity is its strength. Some forces are trying to drive a wedge among communities on the basis of caste, religion, region and language. India has survived and thrived because of its diversity. Those who are trying to disturb this amity need to be nailed”, said the statement.

Navalakha informed, “India Against Hatred is an apolitical organisation. It will launch campaigns against hatred in a peaceful and non-violent manner. Many lawyers, IT engineers, retired judges, journalists, students and writers will join hands for this cause. The movement will first be launched in Maharashtra and will be taken across the country by one lakh trained peace soldiers.”

“We will impress upon legislators to make laws to end hatred. Agitations will take place across the country to highlight the issue. Our volunteers will help the police to gather proof in cases of hatred. We will encourage and support people to come forward to lodge complaints against perpetrators of hatred and violence. We will provide free legal aid to victims of such crimes. We will follow up such cases and alert the police and state administration about people and incidents, where hatred is being whipped up. We will run counter campaigns against hatred and violence on social media. Awareness will be spread against hatred through arts, music and theatre,” he said.

Speaking about their future plans, Navalakha said, “A committee of 21 eminent people, who have fought against injustice and hatred, will guide the peace soldiers. Religious and spiritual leaders, including His Holiness Dalai Lama, will bless and guide our efforts. They will also be asked to join our campaigns.”

Pune-based NGO Sarhad, which has been successfully working in violence-affected bordering areas in Punjab, Kashmir and the Northeast, will coordinate the IAH movement.