India can do whatever it want but Lakshadweep will NOT replace Maldives in 2024

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New Delhi, 8th January 2024: India, with its diverse landscapes and cultural richness, is eyeing the transformation of Lakshadweep into a tourism hotspot. However, despite its natural beauty, there are significant challenges to overcome before it can rival the allure of the Maldives in 2024.

1. Geography Matters
a) Airport Infrastructure: While Malé boasts a well-equipped airport, Lakshadweep has an aerodrome, presenting a considerable challenge.

b) Proximity to Resorts: Maldivian resorts are within a 200 km range from Male, while Lakshadweep’s most populated island, Minicoy, is 300 km from Agatti. Flight connectivity, especially from Bangalore, adds another layer of complexity.

2. First Mover Advantage
a) Size Disparity: Maldives is ten times the size of Lakshadweep, providing a more extensive canvas for tourism.

b) Tourist Statistics: Maldives attracts many times more foreign tourists compared to Lakshadweep.

The Maldives has leveraged its advantage through substantial infrastructure investments and direct flights from 60 global cities.

3. China’s Influence
a) Investment Focus: China has strategically invested in more visible areas, including politicians, propaganda, and infrastructure.

b) Flight Subsidies: Subsidized state carrier flights to Male provide an economic advantage.

India’s Path Forward: Developing Lakshadweep Tourism

1. Airport and Infrastructure Development
a) Land Reclamation: Adopt Mumbai’s reclamation model to create space for enhanced infrastructure.

b) Global Connectivity: Enable direct flights from major global and Indian cities.

2. Building World-Class Infrastructure
a) Instagram-able Lakshadweep: Leverage the natural beauty and invest in infrastructure akin to the Maldives.

b) Connectivity and Adventure: Develop connectivity, optical fiber networks, and adventure sports facilities. Introduce seaplanes connecting Kerala.

3. Facilitating Travel
a) Visa Ease: Explore visa availability exclusively for Lakshadweep, detaching it from the mainland.

b) Direct Flights for Indians: Enhance connectivity by introducing direct flights from mainland India.

4. Crafting Unique Travel Circuits
a) Kerala-Lakshadweep Circuit: Develop a seamless travel experience connecting Kerala to Lakshadweep.

b) Seaplanes: Integrate seaplanes strategically to enhance accessibility.

Lakshadweep may not replace the Maldives in 2024, but India is on a trajectory toward unlocking its true potential.