India Stands to Be most Vocal of #MeToo in October, says Global Analytics Co

Megha Murkya

Big Data Analytics and global media intelligence firm, Meltwater says India has been most vocal of #MeToo Movement this October. 25% of the voices on #MeToo came from India.

Even US had 22% share of its conversation on it in October when the movement reached its peak point.
The #MeToo movement initially started in US when it took a toll on a Hollywood producer.

According to the data from 1 October to 30 October, the movement was mentioned about 28,900 times in the news, while it was still new to India, of which 95% were between 1 October to 18 October.

Meltwater also said that in India’s name alongside #MeToo trended 49,000 times globally. And the words “sexual assault” and “sexual harassment” ,popularised alongside #MeToo, were mentioned 29,000 and 27,000 times respectively.
#Timesup also trended, where the victimised called out to their assaaulters to stop sexual harassment.

Although National Commission for Women chief said that compared to social media outrages the cases registered were very low.