Mumbai based Lady helps unorganised workers find jobs easily

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Megha Murkya

Mumbai – Meenakshi and her husband Punit started Helper4U informally as telephone directory for job seekers in the unorganised sector, in the slums near Powai. Which now has grown into an online platform for not only women but also men to find jobs easily without any intermediary.

Inspiration came from a 35 year old, migrant, who came to Meenakshi seeking for a job. She had two kids.

Meenakshi enquired that people like her are needed by them but still do not reach where there is a job.

To which the woman replied that if they go and ask the watchman says them NO.
And even if agree to allow into a society ask for different ki ds of favours.
Meenakshi said that many migrants come from home far away just to find jobs, but wander for one and in way are exploited by agents and intermediaries.

That day that woman asked a question ”
“I need you, and you need me. But how do we meet?”

This answer came in the form of Helper4U.
Helper4U initially was to be named Maid4U but them Meenakshi and her husband recieved requests from male workers as well. Thus it was named

The registration to their site is done by exploring the needy in the slums and registering them .

After that the service seekers log in and look for the kind of help they need to avail. The service receivers have to pay a subscription fee of 300.

Today, their team has expanded from two to ten members, who work round-the-clock to stay in touch with job seekers, updating their employment status, salary expectations, and availability, year-on-year.