India Tech Talent League 2023: Pune Hosts Cutting-Edge Tech Conference with Over 100 Participants

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Pune, 28th November 2023: The ‘India Tech Talent League 2023,’ a one-day Tech Conference organized by My Anatomy in collaboration with BW People, witnessed the active participation of over 100 companies and organizations in Pune. Held at Hotel Hyatt Regency, Vimannagar, Pune, the conference centered around the theme ‘Talent, Technology, Transformation.’ A focused brainstorming session delved into the challenges posed by cutting-edge technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Machine Learning, and ChatGPT.

The conference was inaugurated by Dr. J. A. Chowdhary, Former Special Chief Secretary & IT Advisor to the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh. Dr. Chowdhary, in his keynote address, shed light on the flourishing startup ecosystem and the continuous emergence of advanced technology. He emphasized Pune’s pivotal role in becoming a thriving hub for startups.

Encouraging Indian startups to embrace AI and new technologies, Dr. Chowdary stressed the importance of leveraging these tools to build a strong foundation. He highlighted the need for proper guidance in navigating the challenges posed by these innovations. While acknowledging the impact of AI on jobs, he urged individuals to embrace new technology to succeed in the corporate world. Dr. Chowdary also advocated for creating an educational environment where students can learn about new technologies to equip the younger generation for technological changes.

The brainstorming session on the challenges of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics saw the participation of numerous startups and government officials. Dhwanit Malani, CEO of Bitwise, discussed the transformative power of new technologies, comparing AI to a tool that can yield meaningful results. Malani emphasized the importance of human involvement in ensuring the correct implementation of AI. He urged companies to exercise caution when integrating AI to optimize its potential and improve efficiency. Malani also emphasized the need for universities to incorporate courses on data science, machine learning, and AI to produce graduates aligned with industry needs.

Vaibhav Srivastava explored the interrelationship between GenAi and education, addressing the gap between industry and university. Highlighting GenAi’s impact on education, Srivastava underscored its role in personalizing learning and outlined four pillars for scalable technology adoption, aiming to create an efficient and productive workforce for the future.

During the panel discussion on ‘CXO Perspectives: Disruption to Innovation: How AI & Automation Are Reshaping,’ industry experts, including Sachin Deshmukh, Ashwinee Singh, Hasit Trivedi, Ravi G Motwani, Arun Menon, Girish Kukreja, and Nilesh Bhojani, provided insights from various sectors. The discussion covered the advantages of AI and effective implementation strategies for maximum outcomes. The experts unanimously agreed that we are in the AI generation, influencing every industry significantly.

In the second panel discussion on ‘Innovators Insights: Future of Education & Employability in AI & Automation,’ experts like Rajendra Raut, Manjiri Patel Shinde, Joy George, Ajay Krishnakutty, Baliram Mutagekar, Pallavi Shah, Tulsi Doultani, and Pratap Pawar shared their thoughts on disruptive technologies’ impact on education and employability. The session was moderated by Haresh Patel, Board Director at MyAnatomy.