Industries to Start Business to some extent, Districts will Remain Closed : Uddhav Thackeray

Maharashtra Plan of Action Against COVID
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Mumbai, 19, 2020:  From tomorrow, April 20, we are starting some activities in areas where there is no Corona outbreak, but the boundaries of the districts will remain closed. People should go out of the house only when it becomes necessary,  wear mask while going out , get checked at fever clinics if you have cold or fever, Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray said.


The Chief Minister was speaking when he interacted directly with the people of the state through the social media today. The Chief Minister also informed on the occasion that a separate CSR account has been opened to pay the Social Responsibility Fund


Often patients are coming to the hospitals in the last stage.  Expressing concern that some of them have died unfortunately before the test report came, Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray said that nothing can be done for them thought we wish . He said that  if you have symptoms like cold, fever and cough, do not get treatment at home, go to hospital and get treatment.  He  explained that patients get well and go home if proper treatment is done in time.

Some Industries in Green and Orange Zones Get Reasonable Relax

The Chief Minister said that taking into account the Corona patients and outbreak , the government has agreed to start industries in Orange and Green zone districts on certain conditions from tomorrow. Until now agricultural activities, transport of agricultural commodities, transport of essential commodities were in progress.  But to give a  start to the economy, those entrepreneurs in Orange and Green Zone who will take care of their workers, arrange for them to stay there within the premises,  will be allowed to start work from tomorrow.  For this, they will be provided with the raw materials and food grains,  they need.  We want to start goods transportation, not virus transportation. The Chief Minister also said that no risk would be acceptable.  The Chief Minister made it clear that the orders issued by the Central and State Governments in this regard would be strictly followed .

The Boundaries of  Districts Remain Closed

Underlining that the boundaries of the districts have not been opened, the Chief Minister made it clear that people from one district are still not allowed to go to another district.  This lockdown is not over for citizens of the state. People should stay at home and maintain  social distancing till May 3. she is here as well to stay home and follow the discipline of social distance.  He said that the Anti Corona Police is providing great service in the state.

About Newspapers

Explaining his role in regard of newspapers, the Chief Minister said that newspapers could be made available at stalls but door to door newspaper distribution could not be allowed.  A decision on what can be done elsewhere in the state except Mumbai and Pune, will be taken later.

Abused and Tortured Women should Call 100 number

The Chief Minister said that the people of the state have faced this crisis with a lot of patience and strength so far. I am thankful to them.  He said that as everyone is staying at home continuously for a long time and there nsy be some mental disturbances but it doesn’t mean that men  should  mistreat women  at home.  Yhe Chief Minister said that women should not be mistreated and if such misconduct is being committed, such women should call 100 number and inform the police. The brothers at the police station will surely stand behind you.

Two Services for Counseling

The Chief Minister informed the numbers of helpline launched by Mumbai Municipal Corporation and Birla organization today for those who have mental illness and need counseling. The Birla helpline number is 1800 120 82 0050.  Apart from this, the Tribal Department has started a service  with Project Mumbai and Prafullata jointly and its number is 1800 102 4040, he added.


Private Doctors’ Service for non-Covid Patients Only

The Chief Minister informed that he and the taskforce doctors had also spoken to the private doctors in the state and they were ready to fight against Corona and open their clinics and hospitals.  He further said that these hospitals are only for the treatment of non-Covid patients who have serious diseases like heart disease, kidney disease,  diabetes.  Patients with colds, fever and coughs should not go to these hospitals, they should come to the government hospital and get checked.


What is going on in Maharashtra?

About 67 thousand tests have been conducted in the state and 95% of these cases are found to be negative.  Stating that around 3600 positive patients have been found according to the statistics of last night, the Chief Minister said that it is a matter of satisfaction that 300 to 350 patients in the state have recovered after treatment and they went home safely.  In positive patients, 70 to 75 percent of patients have very little symptoms or no symptoms of Corona at all.  52 patients are moderate to severe serious.   Focus is on them and efforts are being made to save them.  Patients from a six-month-old baby to an eighty four-year-old grandmother, appear to be recovering.  So there is no need to panic but we need to be careful.  He said that even though there was a decline in the number of patients in the state, we did not want to be in misconception.


Assurance to those who are Trapped

The Chief Minister said that the labourers and workers of other states as well as the state trapped by the lockdown should stay where they are. He assured that they would be taken care of. The Chief Minister said that talks in this regard are going on . He assured that soon there would be a solution and  they would be sent their home safely.

Saffron Ration Card Holders to Get food grains at a Discounted Rate

The Chief Minister made it clear that the state government is distributing food grains at a discounted rate to Saffron ration card holders. Saying that the Centre is willing to provide food grains at a basic price but that is  only rice and only to the beneficiaries of the food security scheme.  He said that we have demanded wheat and pulses along with rice from the Central Government and will start distributing it as soon as it is available.