Infosys Implements New Sustainability Initiatives at its Pune Campus

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Pune – July 01, 2016: Infosys, in its recently launched Sustainability Report, highlighted that the Pune campus achieved a 24% reduction in the per capita water consumption compared to fiscal 2015. The reduction was achieved since the company was able to identify and plug leakages with the installation of smart water meters. Theseinnovative meters have helped Infosys to identify areas of unaccounted water consumption, leading to significant water savings.

As part of its sustainability initiatives, Infosys successfully implemented several measures over the last year in its Pune campus. The Pune campus accounts for 731 kW of installed capacity out of the total 9.7 MW of solar PV across campuses, helping the company in building a low carbon future.

Additionally, one of the buildings in its Pune campus was awarded the LEED India Platinum rating, taking the total number of green buildings across Infosys to 14. In line with Infosys’ mission to make buildings smart, connected and resource-efficient, the smart buildings across 11campuses are connected to the Central Command Center, a central monitoring station in Bangalore. The Command Center monitors 138 buildings online, which covers about 45 million sq. ft. of built-up area across different campuses.

Another step towards the conservation of energy is the use of Radiflux cooling solution to address the challenges with existing radiant cooling systems. Infosys pioneered the radiant cooling technology in India and also demonstrated with adequate data that it is a viable solution for cooling buildings in an energy-efficient way. Today, the company has a total area of 2.6 million sq. ft. with radiant cooling acrossseven buildings in five different locations in India. In fiscal 2016, the Pune campus also witnessed the installation of Radiflux panels in one of the buildings.

The company believes it has a significant role to play in building a better tomorrow.  Over the years, the company has significantly reduced its resource footprint through various investments in real-time monitoring to gauge performance, innovative solutions for resource conservation, and strategic partnerships to learn and collaborate. Infosys has partnered with institutions such as Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, University of California, Berkeley, Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore and Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Bombay, to name a few, to further its research in building energy efficiency.

The company unveiled the Infosys Sustainability Report 2015-16 as per the Global Reporting Initiative G4 guidelines, its ninth year of reporting on sustainability disclosures.