Infosys statement on techie Raseela Raju murder

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Pune – At Infosys, we are focused and committed to the safety of our employees. Yesterday’s unfortunate incident is a reminder however, that nothing is foolproof, and we are continuing to seek recommendations and suggestions from different stakeholders on how we can try and strengthen the safety of our employees at our campuses and offices.

Included below, are some of the key security initiatives that we currently have underway at our campuses:
-We have a common safety helpline across all our DCs that is manned 24X7, in addition we have an Infosys Emergency App that has been made available to all India locations
– We have extensive CCTV coverage across our campuses, and we continuously assess the need to add more surveillance on campuses as we grown in space and size

-Entry onto campuses is strictly monitored by security and there is a security presence at each of our buildings

-A Safety Committee in each of our Development Centers, reviews safety measures at campuses periodically

-We have mandatory background checks for vendor employees, sub-cons, housekeeping staff and rotating vendor staffs.

-We undertake periodic mail communication to all employees on safety and have several programs aimed to help employees by providing personal safety tips and self-defense program/sessions

Beyond this, we encourage our employees to leave campus latest before 8:00 PM, and whenever women employees are traveling at night – from work or to the airport, we ensure that travel arrangements are made for them and that follow up calls are arranged for their safe travel. In addition, panic buttons are available in all our buses and cabs in case of any emergency.

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