IRB Proposes Halting Points to Enhance Safety on Pune-Mumbai Expressway

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Pune, 30th May 2023: The Pune-Mumbai expressway has witnessed a distressing number of fatal accidents over the years, making it a perilous stretch of road. Despite the implementation of safety measures and regulations, the highway continues to claim numerous lives. One of the major contributing factors to these accidents is vehicles coming to a halt along the highway, as travelers are enticed by the picturesque surroundings.


To tackle this issue, IRB (Infrastructure Investment Trust) has presented a proposal to the state government, suggesting the construction of designated parking lots at specific intervals along the expressway. Upon receiving instructions from the government, prompt action will be taken to implement this proposal.


The Pune-Mumbai Expressway boasts several scenic spots that often tempt travelers to stop their vehicles and admire the captivating vistas. Unfortunately, this practice has resulted in a significant number of accidents. The proposed parking lots aim to provide designated areas where people can safely park their vehicles to enjoy the scenery, thereby reducing the likelihood of mishaps.


In an effort to curb the number of accidents, the state government previously mandated the implementation of the Highway Traffic Management System (HTMS). This system includes features such as the Speed Detection System and Lane Discipline Violation Detection System. The installation of these systems will enable control over vehicle speeds through specialized machinery. Currently, the implementation of the HTMS is underway on a 94 km stretch of the expressway, with 40% of the work already completed. The remaining tasks are expected to be finished by the end of September.


Presently, both the traffic police and highway officials are taking action against reckless drivers. Stringent measures are being enforced, particularly at scenic spots and mountainous regions where vehicles tend to come to a halt.


The proposed construction of parking lots, in conjunction with the HTMS, will contribute to enhancing the safety of the Pune-Mumbai Expressway. With these measures in place, the aim is to reduce accidents caused by stopping vehicles and provide a smoother, more secure journey for all travelers along this vital transportation route.