Pune: Passenger Dies After Falling From Running Train; Dead Body Found Near Railway Gate At Palkhi Route

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Pune, 30th May 2023: The dead body of an unidentified person has been found between Sant Dnyaneshwar Maharaj Palkhi Route and Pune Miraj Railway Gate. The person has fallen from the running train in the area of the railway group. The dead body was seen by passengers passing by Palkhi Route last night around 9.00 am.


The dead body of an unknown person was found by road passengers on Monday (29th May) at railway gate number 27 on the Pune Miraj railway line between Neera and Walhe on the Pune Pandharpur Palkhi highway. The staff at the railway gate informed the Neera Railway Police and the local rural police about the incident.


According to eyewitnesses, a person aged approximately 35 years fell from the Kolhapur Gondia Maharashtra Express around 8 pm. He was seriously injured after falling from a running train. Due to excessive bleeding, he died on the spot.


Neera Police Patil Rajendra Bhaskar has informed about this incident. The deceased is wearing a white shirt, black vest inside, yellow jacket over the shirt, and black pants. The Neera Railway Police and the local rural police said that the body was taken into custody and kept at the Jejuri Rural Hospital. An appeal has been made to contact the Jejuri police to identify the dead body.