Is it Really Possible to Win a Big Amount of Money by Playing Online Casino Games?

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India- A direct answer to this question is that yes, you can definitely win a big amount of money by playing online casino games. This will depend on what casino game you are going to play and where you will be playing.

It’s understandable for people to think that winning a profitable amount of money through gambling online is quite impossible. Some just really swear that online casino games are rigged.

However, this is just a myth that should be debunked. The truth is that many of the biggest wins from gamblers worldwide are made online. Most of the biggest online gambling wins are actually through online slot machine games. 

The largest online casino win ever is from a Finnish player who decided to play the Mega Fortune Progressive slot on a Scandinavian online casino. The Finnish player was able to win a total of €17,861,800 or around 20 million US dollars. What makes this win ridiculously lucky is that the player only had to place a bet of 25 cents. 

That win is just good proof that anyone can actually win a big sum from playing online casino games. This is also why some people take online casino games seriously and turn it into a career. Surely, this isn’t for everyone and it’s still best that some would only keep this as a hobby. 

Even if many of the biggest wins online are through the game of slots, it doesn’t mean that you should only play slot machine games to actually win something worthwhile. Other online casino games like blackjack and poker can also help you win a good amount of money. 

The thing about table games is that winning these games are not all based on luck. These are skill games that may take some time to master. It’s something you should take seriously if you have the money and time to keep practicing. 

Aside from these, you can also improve your chances of getting more profits from playing online casino games by looking for the right site. Online casinos offer different odds, promos, and deals to their players. It’s best that you look around first before you make an account and a deposit. 

Take advantage of online casinos that offer free trials or demos before signing up with them. This can help you decide whether that casino is really what you’re looking for. It’s always best to go for an online casino with local payment option to avoid exchange rates that could lessen the amount you can get when you’re ready to withdraw. 

Now, it’s also true that there are records of rigged casino games. There was a time when casino operators would actually rig their slot machines and would repeatedly show “near miss” results. 

A “near miss” means almost getting three same results. An example is getting two lucky 7s and the other pay line will show half of the third lucky 7. This could give the player the feeling that he may almost get the jackpot. As a result, the player will just place more bets to be able to spin more. 

Such activity was reported numerous times back then and this is why a “near miss” is considered illegal in Nevada. 

Now, online slot machine games should never have a “near miss”. Whatever appears on the pay lines should always be precise. If you want to know the chance that you have with a slot machine, just look for its RTP or Return to Player Percentage. The RTP determines the percentage of all the wagered money on a machine and how much it has returned to the players over time. This may not exactly tell you if a slot machine is ready to give you the jackpot, but it can let you know if it’s fairly giving payouts to players. 

It is just very important that you only choose to play on reputable and licensed online casinos. Always check review sites to know how an operator is doing in terms of customer service and payouts. 

Check whether an online casino always pays on time. Speaking of payouts, always make sure that you read the terms of agreements. While many of us are guilty of always skipping this part when signing up on a website, this shouldn’t be the case for creating an online casino account. There are online casinos out there that are not forward about minimum amount withdrawals. This is one of the common complaints of many online casino players out there.