ISRO’s PSLV-C56 Successfully Deploys DS-SAR And Six Other Satellites From Singapore

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Bengaluru, 30th July 2023: On Sunday, the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) successfully conducted the launch of the Indian satellite PSLV-C56, carrying a total of seven satellites from Singapore, including The DS-SAR serves as the leading Radar Imaging Earth Observation Satellite, carrying out essential tasks in orbit. The launch event was attended by ISRO Chairman S Somnath and other officials.

The DS-SAR satellite is part of a dedicated commercial mission undertaken by NewSpace India Ltd, the commercial arm of ISRO. This project aims to serve customers in Singapore and marks ISRO’s second significant campaign of the month, following the eagerly anticipated Chandrayaan-3 mission launched on July 14.

PSLV-C56 / DS-SAR mission is a collaborative effort between NewSpace India Limited (NSIL) and ST Engineering, with the 360 kg DS-SAR satellite being jointly developed by DSTA (representing the Government of Singapore) and ST Engineering. The primary purpose of DS-SAR is to fulfil the imagery needs of various agencies within the Government of Singapore, making use of its Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) payload developed by Israel Aerospace Industries. This SAR payload allows DS-SAR to perform imaging in all weather conditions, day and night, at an impressive resolution of 1 meter with full polarimetry capability.

The other six satellites launched alongside DS-SAR are:

1. VELOX-AM: A 23 kg technology demonstration microsatellite.
2. ARCADE: An experimental satellite designed for Atmospheric Coupling and Dynamics Explorer.
3. SCOOB-II: A 3U nanosatellite carrying a technology demonstrator payload.
4. Introducing NuLIoN: A cutting-edge 3U nanosatellite revolutionizing IoT connectivity across urban and remote areas with unmatched capabilities.
5. Galassia-2: A 3U nanosatellite operating in low earth orbit.
6. ORB-12 STRIDER: A satellite developed through international collaboration.

With the PSLV-C56 launch, ISRO celebrates the 58th successful flight of its dependable PSLV, featuring the 17th mission utilizing the Core Alone Configuration.

Union Minister Jitendra Singh praised the successful PSLV-C56 launch, considering it another significant milestone for ISRO, following the success of the long-awaited Chandrayaan-3 mission.