JEE Mains 2023: Essential Last-Day Strategies & Expert Guidance from Prime Academy 

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Pune, 4th April 2023: As the JEE Mains 2023 exam approaches, stress and anxiety may be affecting students nationwide. Lalit Kumar, the founder of Prime Academy and IIT Bombay alumnus, shares some valuable tips to help students stay calm and perform at their best. Remember, the rigorous JEE Mains preparation of 1-2 years has already sharpened your analytical and time management skills, which will be helpful in your life regardless of the JEE Mains result.

Exam Day Essentials for JEE Mains 2023

  1. Stay Present and Focused: Many times instead of focusing on the problem on the screen, students continue to think about the previous problem, leading to silly mistakes and slow speed. Stay present during the JEE Mains exam and avoid thinking about previous questions or anticipated results.
  2. Use 30-Second Breaks to Boost Performance: Encountering difficult problems or a fast-moving clock can cause anxiety, leading to mental blackouts. Close your eyes and take brief 30-second breaks with deep breaths to regain focus and maintain mental clarity during the exam. Deep breathing before the exam can also enhance focus.
  3. Minimize Negative Markings: Avoid negative markings in JEE Mains by solving only those problems you are confident about. Attempt guesswork only if you can confidently eliminate two out of four options.
  4. Performance Over Achievement: Aim to perform rather than achieve during the JEE Mains exam to maximize your output. It helps to reduce anxiety and pressure.
  5. Be Prepared for Unexpected Events: Maintain a positive attitude when faced with unexpected events during JEE Mains, such as rude invigilators, signature mismatches, or computer issues. Even if you lose 5 minutes due to such events, don’t let it affect the remaining 175 minutes. In many cases, students let these incidents spoil their entire exam and use them as excuses.
  6. Project Confidence with Body Language: As you enter the JEE Mains examination hall, display confidence through your facial expressions and posture. A strong and self-assured body language can have a positive impact on your performance.

Pre-Exam Preparation Strategies for JEE Mains 2023

  1. Focus on Your Strengths: Approximately 60% of the questions in JEE Mains are closely related to the problems you have practiced in your coaching class. Confidently tackle these familiar questions without succumbing to exam pressure. Rest assured that the support and blessings of your parents and teachers will always be with you.
  2. Boost Confidence by Reviewing Previous Years’ JEE Mains Papers:Examine past JEE Mains papers to identify questions that can be solved with ease. Realizing that there are enough problems to clear JEE Mains will boost your confidence. In the actual exam, this awareness will help you confidently select enough problems to clear JEE, maintaining high morale. At Prime Academy, we analyzed last year’s JEE Mains paper with 11th-grade students, and even then, they could solve a significant number of questions. With an additional year of experience, you’re even more prepared.
  3. Prioritize Revision Over New Topics: In JEE Mains, covering the entire syllabus isn’t necessary. Focusing on a limited number of mastered topics can earn you a very high percentile. Prioritize revising known topics over learning new ones. Rest from studies the evening before the exam to recharge your brain.
  4. Develop a Test-Taking Strategy: If you already have a paper-solving strategy, stick to it. If not, consider starting with the chemistry section and attempt the paper in two rounds. In the first round, focus on solving easy problems, and then move on to more challenging questions in the second round.
  5. Treat JEE Mains as a Regular Part of Life:To stay relaxed, avoid overthinking the exam and treat it as a regular aspect of your life. Life will present you with various opportunities and challenges; you will excel in some and face setbacks in others. Embrace the journey and remain composed.
  6. Visualize Success: Picture yourself performing well during the JEE Mains exam to boost your confidence.
  7. Motivational Videos: Watch motivational videos for inspiration during your JEE Mains preparation journey. I personally like “Ye Sattar minute from” by SRK from the  movie “Chak De India”
  8. Reach Out for Support: Don’t hesitate to seek help from your teachers, peers, or family members if you have any doubts or concerns during your JEE Mains preparation.

Additional Considerations for JEE Mains 2023

  1. Read Important Instructions for Candidates: Ensure you thoroughly read and follow every instruction on your JEE Mains admit card, as overlooking any detail may cause issues during the examination.
  2. Understand Instructions and Marking Scheme: Thoroughly read the instructions in the exam hall to familiarize yourself with the question paper and identify sections without negative marking in JEE Mains. This insight allows you to attempt all questions in those sections without penalties, even if you are unsure of the answers.
  3. Arrive Early at the Examination Centre: Make sure to reach the JEE Mains examination centre ahead of time to circumvent last-minute stress. Consider possible traffic congestion near the centre and plan accordingly.
  4. Familiarize Yourself with the Exam Centre: If possible, ask your parents/guardians to visit the exam centre before the JEE Mains to avoid confusion or stress on the exam day.
  5. Leverage Your JEE Mains Experience:Reflect on your performance in the first phase of JEE Mains to improve your strategy. Learning from past experiences can enhance your performance.
  6. Stay Hydrated and Eat Well: Ensure you drink enough water to maintain hydration and alertness during the exam. Dehydration can impact concentration and performance. Avoid junk and outside food for optimal health.
  7. Restful Sleep: Ensure you get at least 7 hours of sound sleep to keep your mind sharp during the JEE Mains exam.
  8. Engage in Outdoor Activities: Engage in morning/evening walks and avoid isolating yourself to keep stress levels low during JEE Mains preparation.
  9. No Exam Talk: Avoid discussing exams with friends to prevent anxiety.
  10. Unwind and Relax: Use music or other relaxation techniques to stay calm and collected during JEE Mains preparation.

Remember, success in JEE Mains is not the sole determinant of a successful career. Stay focused, remain positive, and give your best effort. Lalit Kumar will be conducting a live Zoom session on 5th April 2023 (Wednesday) at 11am for last-day tips and guidance on JEE Mains 2023.

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