Kangana Ranaut Raises Alarm Over Instagram Scam Impersonating Her; Exposes Alleged Film Mafia Racket

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Mumbai, 30th July 2023: Kangana Ranaut launched a fresh barrage of criticism at two prominent Bollywood superstars on Sunday, while also alerting her followers about an Instagram scam misusing her name. Revealing a screenshot shared by a concerned fan, Kangana cautioned her followers not to fall victim to the fraudulent activity. However, amidst the warning, she made startling revelations.

According to Kangana, there is an alleged racket run by the film mafia that hacks accounts using her name. Dismissing any association with this person and their supposed online managers, she referred to them dismissively as “gang changu mangu.” She also took a dig at their movie’s poor performance, comparing it unfavorably to her own film, Manikarnika.

The actress then went on to make some disturbing claims about the film mafia’s criminal tendencies. She accused one superstar, whom she had previously dated, of resorting to shady tactics, including using different phone numbers and accounts to communicate with her. She further alleged that this individual had hacked her accounts and engaged in manipulating box office collections with fake bulk ticket purchases. Kangana asserted that her personal life and contracts were under constant scrutiny and exploitation by these individuals, whom she described as not just talentless but morally corrupt and akin to demons. She urged the Mumbai Cyber Police to take action against them.

In a separate incident, Kangana had recently taken jibes at Karan Johar and Ranveer Singh. She suggested that Karan Johar should consider retirement due to the lukewarm opening of his movie “Rocky Aur Rani Kii Prem Kahaani.” As for Ranveer Singh, Kangana criticized his fashion choices and questioned his portrayal as a hero, stating that the Indian audience cannot connect with a “cartoon-looking person” calling himself one.

These revelations and jabs come just a day after her previous comments about the two stars. Kangana seems determined to expose what she perceives as wrongdoing in the film industry, taking a stand against what she considers “adharma” or immoral behavior, echoing the words of Shri Krishna in the Bhagavad Gita.