Kharadi: Garbage Burning, Toxic Fumes Upsets Residents, PMC Struggles To Keep A Check

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Mehab Qureshi

Kharadi, November 20, 2020: Kharadi continues to be shrouded with toxic fumes of gases due to rampant burning of garbage since the last 15 days, claim residents of Kharadi.

Thick fumes of smoke have covered the sky rising from Tuljabhavani Nagar roadside, near Wagheshwar parking and next to Chandan marbles which have caused stress to various citizens of Kharadi.

Many residents have also complained of the garbage being burnt during the night times.”It’s been 15 days that we are suffering this issue. Despite repeated complaints to the PMC, the problem hasn’t been solved. Although, for a few days the burning was stopped during the night time it again started. People are burning garbage in the night time now, which have hazardous fumes”, said Satish Joshi, Vice Chairman of Kharadi Residents Association.

Another resident Nitin Memane, Chairman, Kharadi Residents Association, said, “This toxic fume is affecting our health because sometimes these people even burn tyres, which adds to the pollution. We even raised complaints with the sanitary inspector of our area, but despite her several visits, these people continue to burn.”

Sanitation inspector of the area, Sushma Mundhe, said, “These fumes are coming from the Lohegaon area and not in Kharadi jurisdiction. We have visited the area and have fined some people as well. A notice has been sent to the concerned people and this will be stopped soon.”

Meanwhile, when initially contacted ward officer Suhas Jagtap, he said he wasn’t aware of the issue and said will coordinate regarding the same.

Speaking to, Vadgaonsheri MLA Sunil Tingre said, “I already spoke with the concerned ward officer and I have told them to take necessary actions.”

Tingre immediately contacted Jagtap and told him to address this issue with immediate concern. “I really understand what residents are going through because I am allergic to the toxic fumes as well. I will ensure that the culprits are punished for their actions”, Tingre added.

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