Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw to debut an Art and Science Exhibition at Serendipity Arts Festival 2016

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~Kiran is one of the many patrons that have come on board to support the Serendipity Arts Festival~

New Delhi, December 9, 2016: Biocon’s Chairperson and Managing Director Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw is enabling the showcase of a special exhibition of Science Gallery Bengaluru, ‘Entanglement: A Dance between Art & Science’ at the Serendipity Arts Festival in Goa this December. Conceptualized and produced by the Centre for Experimental Media and Arts (CEMA) at Srishti Institute of Art Design and Technology along with Science Gallery Dublin, ‘Entanglement’ will comprise a series of spectacles, experiments and projects on the fleeting boundaries of art-science-technology-culture- and philosophy.

This is the first edition of the Serendipity Arts Festival, a multi-disciplinary arts event set over a period of eight days from December 16th to 23rd in Panaji, Goa. The festival will be curated by a panel of experts spanning all the major disciplines including the performing arts, visual arts, and culinary arts. 

The ‘Entanglement’ exemplifies the connect between art and science and is an initiative by Science Gallery, Bengaluru,  a partner of Science Gallery, Dublin under the auspices of Science Gallery International. The exhibition is jointly funded by Biocon Foundation, Biocon’s CSR Wing and the Department of IT, BT & Science and Technology, Govt. of Karnataka. 

‘Entanglement’ will illustrate ones interaction and understanding of the natural and physical world. Through form, experience, and interaction, a collective of international and Indian artists, scientists, coders, and hackers will engage the public through projects on Environment, Gaming, Artificial Intelligence and Interactivity, and Physical Computing and Data Quantification.

Commenting on her association with the ‘Entanglement’, Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw said, “Through this unique Science Gallery Bengaluru showcase, I want to project the mélange of the art and the science. While these two disciplines are seemingly distinct, they together embody significant creative expression. Serendipity Arts Festival is the ideal platform to showcase ‘Entanglement: Dance between Art & Science’ since this festival aims to break the notion of art as an isolated silo and creates space for interdisciplinary exploration of art across disciplines.”

The Science Gallery Bengaluru, is an extension of Science Gallery International, being set up in partnership with the Department of IT, BT & Science and Technology, Govt. of Karnataka, Srishti School of Art & Design, the Indian Institute of Sciences (IISc), National Centre for Biological Sciences (NCBS), and the Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum (VITM).

Kiran is a strong promoter of creativity and innovation, and her organization Biocon is well recognized as an innovation driven Biopharmaceutical Company. A little-known fact about her is that she loves exploring different facets of art, spotting artistic talent and visiting art galleries and museums around the world. As an avid art collector she believes in creating throbbing workplaces immersed in art as it stimulates creativity. Several renowned works of art by contemporary Indian and international artists are displayed all across Biocon campus.  She is a strong believer in the arts and has willingly come on board ‘Serendipity Arts Festival’ as a patron to encourage patronage of the arts with the aim to mainstream arts in India through this festival.   A long standing patron of the arts, she is closely associated with initiatives to build platforms that encourage artists as well as make the Arts accessible to a wide range of audiences.