Know How To Verify Officials From ‘My family, My Responsibility’ Campaign

my family my responsibilty
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Mehab Qureshi

Pune/Pimpri, October 1, 2020: The recently launched ‘My family, My responsibility’ campaign aims to curb the Coronavirus disease (COVID19) outbreak and identify any persons with comorbid conditions. However, this has created confusion and chaos amongst the citizens because robberies and house break-in the name of ‘COVID survey’ has increased, Pune Police Commissioner Amitabh Gupta had said a few days ago.


Citizens have raised several questions regarding the verification of officials from Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) and Pimpri Chinchwad Municipal Corporation (PCMC). According to the Pune city Commissioner, societies need to check the identity card of the officials who come for the campaign. “If there are any doubts regarding the staff, the nearest police station has to be informed,” he said.


Many housing society members are not satisfied with the ID verification process, as robbers can easily forge the document. To provide clarity on this issue, raised this query to PMC Commissioner Vikram Kumar. “I urge all the society chairmen to check the ID cards firstly. If you are still unsatisfied, you can call the ward office and confirm the identity of the officials arrived”, he said.


Mehzabin Sayyed, Secretary of Kharadi Residential association said, “We are in a state of dilemma, how do we know about the officials entering our society premises? Officials should bring a permission letter authorised from the Ward officers or Police stations, so we can cross check with them, and being an authority of the society we have to make many calls to many authorities just to confirm about the right person in this pandemic situation.”


Rectifying the problem with Tejaswini Sawai, president of Pimpri Chinchwad Housing societies federation, said, “All the society members are requested to check if the officials have a thermal gun, oximeter, sanitizer and are carrying their ID cards with them. Any person who fails to do so shouldn’t be allowed inside the society premises”.


Knowing or unknowingly, officials from the civic body might contract the virus, and they might further spread the contagion. “We have also requested the civic body to ensure that every official who comes for assessing, should carry a COVID negative certificate as issued by the government”, Sawai told


Vaishali Patkar, president of Aundh-Baner-Balewadi-Pashan Vikas Manch, said, “In regards to my society, my responsibility ,In case where the society is hesitant to allow any officials from entering the society premises.Society Chairman/Secretary can approach their respective Sanitary Inspector (SI) or Deputy Sanitary Inspector (DSI) and they will handover a form which will allow the society to complete the survey themselves and then the form can be submitted to the SI or DSI.


Meanwhile, no helpline has been issued by the PMC in this regard. As many as 46 lakh people have been scanned under ‘My family, My responsibility’ in Pune, Pimpri Chinchwad and Pune rural areas. While 660 patients have been tested positive in PMC, 135 in PCMC and 1960 patients in Pune rural areas informed Pune Divisional Commissioner Saurabh Rao on Tuesday.


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