Lathi wielding youths spread havoc, violence in Mohammadwadi, Citizens terrified

Violence in Mohammadwadi Pune
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Pune, June 17, 2020: The residents of Ganga Florentina, Ganga Kingston, Raheja Vista and Gemini residential societies in Mohammadwadi are living under the fear of motorcycle gangs who are allegedly spreading fear and terror in the area. However, Pune police are yet to make any arrests in the case.

According to the residents, the youths groups are working as vigilante groups questioning young couples and openly moving on roads with sticks without any fear of the police. Sanjay Joshi, a resident, said that it seems that police are not acting against these local goons who want to establish their control in the area and taking the law into their hands. 

Residents say that police must take strict action against the anti-social groups who operate on the right and left side of the road. They alleged that some business establishments on rent in the area were openly helping the goons in carrying out violent activities in the area from behind the scenes. Some people in the residential areas were also helping the goons to charge at the racing motorcyclists.

“They came on Tuesday with sticks, started shouting slogans and are being assisted by some local crime syndicates. The entire shopkeeper community is afraid of these hooligans who are being directed by dangerous criminals. These youths have long hairs and are not afraid of carrying lathis and wooden sticks openly in a public place. We want the police to take strict action against these hooligans who want to spread fear in the society. They are taking advantage of COVID crisis after they got masks on their faces. These lumpen elements need to be in jail as they are destroying peace and tranquillity in the area,” the resident added.

Aditi Kale, an evening jogger said, “I saw the youths at 7 pm on Tuesday with sticks who went to a couple and asked them to leave. In the first glance, one can make out that they are criminals who are looking out for establishing a base. Who is giving them power in violation of the constitution of the country? These people and all who invited them are criminalizing the society and they all must be arrested. A few days ago they threatened a tea shop owner. This is very dangerous and not good for society. These goons are competing against the motorcycle gangs and their tussle is disturbing law and order in the area.”

Senior citizen Noel Yohan said, “uncontrolled lawbreaking youths fighting the speeding motorcycle riders were invited by some members of a residential society. When police are there then why are some society members inviting these goons in the area? Drinking on the road and harassing girls have already started and we want an end to this menace which is very dangerous and sinister for the society.” 

He added, “Earlier the motorcycle groups were dangerous and now these criminals who are patrolling the streets in Mohammadwadi will give rise to gang violence and mayhem very soon”.

Residents said that both the groups were violating the law and openly showing that they don’t care for the rules of the state. The youths created a ruckus on Saturday and Sunday. The fearful residents on the condition of anonymity said that motorcycle groups and their opponents were equally dangerous as they were taking the law into the hands and cocking a snook at the law enforcement. Citizens maintain that the special police vans and teams must be deployed to curb the youth goonda menace in Mohammadwadi. 

When contacted Senior Police Inspector Vinayak Gaikwad, in-charge of Kondhwa police station, told, “We had received information from the control room about the presence of some youths in the area. Beat Marshalls were immediately dispatched there but when they reached the youths were not found. If they have harassed anyone, a complaint should be filed and we will take against them.”