Law Students Gain Practical Insights during Court Visit at District & Sessions Court, Pune

law students at Pune court
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Pune, 11th February 2024: As part of an insightful educational initiative, law students from Bharati Vidyapeeth’s New Law College recently visited the District and Sessions Court in Pune. This visit, organized by the Law College, aimed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the inner workings of trial courts, their daily activities, and the intricate processes involved in court proceedings.

Accompanied and guided by seasoned legal professional Adv. Mangesh Kharabe, the students embarked on an educational journey to gain practical insights into the legal system. The primary objective was to familiarize them with the legal procedures, case filing intricacies, and the administrative, official, and judicial functions of the court.

To maximize exposure and facilitate a well-rounded experience, the students were divided into groups. During the afternoon sessions, they had the opportunity to observe bail matters, arguments, and various other proceedings. This hands-on approach allowed them to witness firsthand the dynamics of a court in action.

Following the visit, the students were assigned the task of creating a field report and a project centered around the theme of “Acquaintance of Court and Procedure.” This practical assignment is expected to provide them with a deeper understanding of the real-world application of legal theories and procedures.