Legrand Group in India strengthens its commitment towards the environment this World Environment Day

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Mumbai, 4th June 2018: Legrand, a global leader in the electrical and digital building infrastructure along with its group companies, celebrates World Environment Day this year, partnering with all its employees. To mark this event, Legrand India is participating in the UNDP’s Environment Day Exhibit held in New Delhi where it will be presenting its energy efficient product solutions that reduce consumption and minimise environmental impact. Taking this one step further, Legrand is organising local events across its manufacturing sites and offices and is conducting educational workshops and lectures for its employees. Initiatives at World Environment Day at Legrand also include an employee-oriented campaign across all Group companies which involves bringing together their ideas, suggestions and initiatives towards a better environment. The company offices and manufacturing sites also plan to observe an hour of no air-conditioning as a step in the direction of a better environment.

Legrand Group’s involvement in the World Environment Day is part of the Company’s global campaign of reducing the environmental footprint at the very micro level. This responsibility concerns both the Group’s sites and the product life cycle, from their design to the end of product life. World Environment Day is an opportunity for the Group to communicate the initiatives undertaken by its companies to reduce carbon footprint and designing of environmental friendly products.

“As a global leader in the electrical and digital building infrastructure we should be leading by example and for that the Group remains committed. Legrand India has always strived to do their bit to reduce carbon footprint and make the environment a better place to be.” said, Mr. Jean Charles Thuard, CEO, Legrand India. He further added, “We are very proud to mention that two of Legrand India’s manufacturing units have received the Green Award by GreenTech Foundation for two consecutive years for demonstration high levels of commitment to the environment.”

Some other goals for the environment that Legrand India has been pursuing actively in line with the Legrand Group objectives are:

· Reduction of manufacturing waste by 10% year on year

· Making its plants solar energy efficient. The company has successfully completed this project in two of its manufacturing units.

· Striving to achieve the goal of 68% of its sales through products that have a product environmental profile (PEP). This means that most products sold out of Legrand’s manufacturing in India have to be adherent to stringent measures taken while designing, usage and recycling so as to have the least environmental impact.

· Strict adherence to RoHS compliance. This has ensured that the company exercises restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in procuring and manufacturing electrical and electronic equipment.

This World Environment Day, the Legrand India aims to encourage awareness about the environment and how we individuals can do their bit for reducing the carbon footprint and limiting the environmental impact.