Let us work together to spread the light of Diwali: Bishop Thomas Dabre

Bishop Thomas Dabre
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Pune, 3rd November 2021: Bishop Thomas Dabre has issued a message wishing happy Diwali to the people.

“Dear Friends,

At the very outset, I wish to thank you for your kindness and goodness towards me. Let us deepen our bonds of friendship.

The Vatican has sent their message to our Hindu brothers and sisters.

In the message it is said;

“May the observance of this feast even in the midst of anxiety and uncertainty arising from the present pandemic, and its resultant worldwide crises, light up your lives, homes and communities with the hope for a better future!”

The Vatican message tells us that Christians and Hindus should work together to bring the light of hope in people’s lives in the present times of the Coronavirus Pandemic, terrorism, fanaticism, atrocities of various kinds and ecological degradation.

The message also further says that Christians, Hindus and people of different religions should work together and bring light in the lives of people in the present situation of despair and darkness. Feeling responsible for one-another in a spirit if inter-religious dialogue and harmony, let us bring hope and help to the afflicted and the distressed.

God Bless you”, the Bishop stated in his message.



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