Let’s Bring Back Our Birds People!

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Ashwini Parmar

Punekar News's photo.Imagine waking up tomorrow, to a world where there are no birds. Wouldn’t this world be a sad place without the birds and their sweet songs? Not to mention their role in pollination and in keeping a check on pests. Today the ‘Great Indian Bustard’,one of the rare bird species in the country is critically endangered and tomorrow it might as well be our beloved sparrow (which anyway has become difficult to spot in our city).

I know there is little you and I could do, but Hey! It is always the little things in life that are the most important. We can all do our bit. Small acts like keeping water filled earthenware pots for birds on the terrace to hanging a bird-feeder in our windows and gardens (Yes, I know. Not everybody’s got a garden but fortunately we’ve all got a window). Bird-feeders do not immediately attract birds; in my case it took a month and a half for a pair of sparrows to come by. But once they find out the location, the next thing you know there’s a whole bunch of them chirping happily. Next to come were the ‘Scaly breasted muniyas’. They came last June and have never stopped coming since. The last to come were parrots, yes Parrots! It amazes me till date because I live in the middle of the city and not somewhere where there are a lot of trees and yet I have these pairs of rose ringed parakeets coming to my window every day. In fact they are the first to come every morning.

Now if you are wondering, and I hope you are not, why use bird-feeders? Well, because we owe it to the birds. We have encroached upon their habitat, destroyed forests and continue to do so at such an alarming pace that so many birds are on the verge of extinction. A little late though we are, there’s still something we can do. Remember small acts? So please, get at least one bird-feeder, fill it with some millet (‘Raala’ or ‘Bajra’) and hang it in your window. The bird-feeders are not costly and are easily available in the market (Ravivar-peth and Laxmi road). They are also available online if you don’t have the time to go to the market. They make perfect gifts too, not only do you do your bit for the birds but also encourage others to do the same.

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