Liberty from Plastic can be achieved to a considerable extent due to remanufacturing of milk polythene bags –    Ramdas Kadam

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Mumbai : The Environment Minister Shri Ramdas Kadam today stated that it was neccesary that the polythene bags through which the milk is distributed to the consumers should be returned back . For this purpose advance amount should be deposited with the distributors by the consumers  which should be refunded while returning the empty polythene bags.  Implementation of this procedure will go a long way in ensuring Maharashtra state plastic and polythene bags free.

Shri Kadam was addressing a meeting held at the Mantralaya today in reference to the measures for with respect to the polythene bags through which milk i distributed to the consumers daily. The Secretary to the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board Shri E Ravideran, and Managing Directors of Amuil, Gokul, Chitale, Katraj, Mother mild dairies and other companies. were also present on the occasion.

Shri Kadam stated that thirty one tons of polythene plastic bags were distributed daily and one thousand tons of polythene plastic bags were distributed distributed in Maharashtra. If the plastic is not remanufactured, the danger to the environment will go on increasing. The efforts of the Government to make Maharashtra plastic free have succeeded till date and many states have replicated the procedure followed by Maharashtra  Milk production and utilization is the basic necessity of life . However measures with respect to polythene plastic bags through which the milk is distributed will prove beneficial to the future generations.

Shri Kadam stated that the milk distributed door to door, through shops and mega suppliers like big bazar should collect advance amount from the consumers and refund the amount when the consumer returns the polythene plastic bag. The Government will try every bit to create awareness amongst the public. He directed the representatives of the concerned milk production companies to urgently implement these measures. The milk production companies have  given an affirmative response for the same.