Action would be initiated if the recycling center is not set up for bottles of Cold drinks and Water – Environment Minister Ramdas Kadam

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Mumbai, 15 June 2019: The Companies, which are producing and distributing water and beverage bottles, are recycling the empty bottles after collecting the same from market. However, the percentage is 30 to 40 only. The companies should take measures in order to make it 100 percent, otherwise, action would be taken against the concerned companies, Environment Minister Ramdas Kadam directed today.

A meeting was convened over collection of empty plastic bottles and it’s recycling in Mantralaya today.

Mr. Kadam was speaking at this meeting. Maharashtra Pollution Control Board member secretary E. Ravindran, Bisleri, PepsiCo, Coca-Cola and representatives of 30 companies were present in the meeting.

Mr. Kadam said, the companies, which are producing plastic bottles, will have to collect them from the market and need to be recycled. Those companies, which are distributing the water bottles in the hotels, should necessarily set up the center for collection their water bottles.

It is a compulsory to set up a centre at sea, tourist spot, forts, district and taluka. Earlier, the extension was given for this purpose. However, 100 per cent of these centers have not been set up.  The companies, which have crossed a one-year deadline and have failed to take measures, will immediately be served a notice of action, Mr Kadam said.