Limited permission to farming, banking, industries and business : Ajit Pawar

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Mumbai, April 18:- For curbing the Corona infection, the limit of lockdown had been extended till 3rd of May. Railway, Metro, public transportation, festivals, events, public programs will all be remaining closed. The guidelines for lockdown will be strictly followed in the state. For providing health facilities to the people, carrying on the farming related works on time and for giving a momentum to the economy, limited permission will be given for the day to day needs. All the guidelines on the backdrop of Corona will be strictly followed. The implementation will start from Monday 20th April. This information was given by Deputy Chief Minister Mr Ajit Pawar here, today.

The state government has published the guidelines related to the lockdown in the state and the people should follow them, strictly, Mr Pawar said. He further said that the permission will be given to the industries, limited business, professions and business establishments in the rural areas on the condition of strictly following the guidelines laid by the state government. He said that though the lockdown had been extended in the state, people will be supplied the essential commodities in the future also and no one will have to face any shortage.

The deputy chief minster urged the people to stay at home for controlling the spread of Corona stating that they should remain at home and take due care to avoid the spread of Corona and keep away from getting infected. Mr Ajit Pawar also said that all the guidelines laid by the union government will be strictly followed in the state. Though the lockdown is observed, permission for transportation of essential commodities has been given. The hospitals, clinics, medical shops, pathology centers and ambulance services will be on. There will be no barriers on the farming related activities. Permission had been given to the farming, industries and shops related to farming businesses on the condition of taking due care.

The procurement of Tur, cotton and gram will be going on. Dairy, animal husbandry, fisheries are also been given permission. The work under the Employment Guarantee scheme (EGS) will be going on. Orphanage, old age homes and other social Institutions will be doing their day-to-day work as usual. The Anganwadis will be closed but children will be provided nutritious food at their homes. The colleges and schools will remain closed and they have been asked to carry on online activities and virtual classes. The banks and Financial Institutions will be open but people should not get crowded said Mr Ajit Pawar. He appealed to the people of the state to co-operate in winning the fight against the Corona virus. He asked the people to keep distance among themselves, work from home, stay home and stay protected and follow the rules of lockdown, the deputy Chief Minister said.