Lockdown – 4 Migrant Workers Dead, 15 Injured in Yavatmal, Maharashtra

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Yavatmal , 19 May 2020 : Four people, including the driver, were killed and 15 were injured in the crash of a bus carrying migrant laborers from Maharashtra’s Solapur to Jharkhand.

The workers of Palamu district are said to be among the dead. The injured also include laborers from Garhwa district. This accident happened in Yavatmal, Maharashtra.

The injured are being treated at Yavatmal Hospital. According to the information, a bus carrying migrant workers hit a truck in Yavatmal from behind. This has led to this accident.

In this accident Belas Sah, Ashok Sah, Sonu Sah, Anoop Ram, Umesh Ram, Nandu Ram, Jitendra Sah, Indrajit Sah, etc. of Lohargada Panchayat of Bhawanathpur police station area of ​​Garhwa district are injured.

According to the MHA notification, inter-state movement of passenger vehicles and buses with mutual consent of the states/Union territories involved is permitted. Intra-state movement of passenger vehicles and buses as decided by the states and UTs is also allowed. However, these activities are not allowed in containment zones. This could mean that migrants who wish to return to their homes and are not getting a ticket on ‘Shramik Special’ trains have the option of taking government and private-run buses if the states allow.