Lockdown – Migrant workers gathered at Mumbai’s Bandra railway station

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Mumbai, 19 May 2020 – Today, migrant workers gathered outside Bandra railway station in Mumbai to board the “Shramik Special Train” for Bihar. Only (about 1000) registered people were allowed to leave by trains and the rest were chased by the police.

The presence of migrant laborers at Bandra railway station created an atmosphere of chaos. Troubled migrant laborers were present in thousands with women and children. Everyone was trying to climb on the train. But the migrants who had been registered, they were only allowed to board the train, the rest of the gathered people were chased by the police.

The police immediately started the process of sending migrant workers home for which a large number of police forces were deployed.

It is worth noting that earlier on April 14, a large number of migrant workers had gathered at Bandra railway station itself, all these workers had gathered at the railway station to go to their respective states. These workers were hopeful that the lockdown would be abolished, but the lockdown period was extended because of the increasing cases of corona which could not reach these states.