Lockdown? Housing society in Mumbai organises Samosa party

Samosa party in Mumbai during lockdown
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Indu Bhagat

Mumbai, May 21, 2020: As mandatory lockdown enter its fourth phase (4.0) people across the country are losing their patience and many more people are being seen outside. Amid the coronavirus lockdown, the residence of Mumbai organised a Samosa party. 

The matter came to light when a picture went viral on social media in which about 30 people gathered in the society premises and these people are seen enjoying music concert and samosas were being distributed. According to a police official, the musical party was organised in the premises of Kukreja Palace housing society in Ghatkopar (East). Following the incident, the two members of the society including the chairperson of the housing society were arrested and charged under relevant sections of the Indian Penal Code (IPC). 

Considering the relaxation given in lockdown 4.0, People are coming out and gathering in large numbers to party and meet friends violating the practice of social distancing. According to the reports, Mumbai is one of the worst-hit by the pandemic in our country. The city alone has 22,563 cases of the novel coronavirus, with 800 death toll.