Lok Sabha Election Result: Traffic Changes in Koregaon Park As Pune Prepares for Vote Counting Day

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Pune, 3rd June 2024: The vote counting for Pune and Baramati Lok Sabha Constituencies will take place tomorrow, 4th June, in the Food Corporation of India (FCI) warehouse at Koregaon Park. To mitigate traffic congestion on the day, temporary traffic changes will be implemented in the Koregaon Park area, with parking arrangements available for both government and private vehicles.

Considering the traffic scenario in Koregaon Park, one-way traffic for light vehicles will be permitted between Blue Diamond Chowk and Circuit House Chowk on 4th June, from 5 am to 5 pm. Additionally, South Main Road will be closed to traffic from midnight until 5 pm, with lanes two, three, and four being shut as needed. The suggested alternate route is via North Main Road and internal lanes.

Alternative routes should be utilized on 4th June, particularly in Mundhwa, Koregaon Park, Bund Garden areas, Tadi Gutta, ABC Farm Chowk, KP Junction, Mahatma Gandhi Junction, Blue Diamond Chowk, Moboz Chowk, Jahangir Chowk, Council Hall Chowk, North Main Road, Bund Garden Road, and Koregaon Park Road, where traffic congestion is anticipated from 6 am to 5 pm. Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic) Rohidas Pawar, has urged citizens to utilize alternative routes.

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Parking spaces and capacities:
– Pujya Kasturba Gandhi English and Marathi Medium School on North Main Road, Koregaon Park (Exclusive for Administrative Officers and Employees): 700 vehicles
– Rohi Villa Palace, Koregaon Park Lane No. Seven (Two-wheelers and four-wheelers for citizens): 700 vehicles
– The Poona School and Home for the Blind Trust, North Main Road, Koregaon Park (For all four-wheelers): 900 vehicles