Madhubani art work for Charity by Amrita Mishra

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Amrita Mishra (28), an executive working with Oracle India, has been engaged in helping underprivileged people especially kids. She lives in Thane with her husband and three year old son.

Q : What made you switch to painting and share the profit for this good cause?

Ans: Social work has always been very close to my heart. However, creating awareness about a cause and gathering funds has always been a challenge.

I have been learning Madhubani painting in my own and through this art; I have been trying to help the ones in need by selling these artworks. Alone amount from painting is not sufficient to help; hence I also use a portion of my salary for this cause.

I have also done crowd funding for cancer patient and acid attack survivors for their treatment. A small portion of contribution however is always from my paintings. I have taken up a girl child education responsibility at M A Niketan orphanage in Thane. I do keep supporting other NGOs and social help foundations with their basic needs of clothes, food, utensils or stationary items. I make a monthly contribution to Save the Children foundation too.

Punekar News's photo.I recently helped a 10-year-old HIV positive child fulfill her wish of buying a cycle for herself. She stays with her mother who is also an AIDS patient and two younger sister in a Mumbai suburban area. I found the child through Make a wish Foundation. As the family belongs to economically weaker section of the society, I have taken responsibility to provide basic amenities to help the child and her family on regular basis.

I have also been making small contribution to various chronic disease patients who seek financial help on crowd funding sites like Milaap.

Punekar News's photo.Q: Since when you have started this initiative.

Ans: I have been actively involved in helping unprivileged kids and adults from last four years. However have been selling paintings from past two and half years for this cause.

Q: How many children have been benefited from your work ?

Ans: I have helped not only kids but also adults. With the help of my artwork and crowd funds, helped a cancer patient for treatment with Rs 1.65 lakhs. There is an acid attack victim for whom Rs 35,000 was collected through same means. There are more than 100 kids benefited through this initiative in various areas like food, health, stationary, education etc.

Punekar News's photo.Q: Any new plans for the people.

Ans : I have been recently painting raw dia and selling it for Rs 40 a pair. The amount earned would be used to help unprivileged kids in Thane. These dia are eco-friendly as it’s made of mud. The amount earned would not only help kids but also helping street vendors who sell raw material in bulk to me and earn a decent amount.

Madhubani art work for charity by Amrita Mishra Madhubani Arts India Madhubani Paintings
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