Madhya Pradesh offers infrastructure, liberal incentives for investors in its tourism sector

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 Pune, 23rd July 2016: Madhya Pradesh, a state that reflects the true cultural heritage of the nation, has redoubled its efforts to attract investments in its tourism sector to make available a greater variety of facilities to tourists across price points.

The efforts are a reflection of the latest tourism policy which offers infrastructure facilities as well as liberal fiscal and tax incentives to investors.

O.V. Chaudhary, Executive Director of M.P. Tourism and A K Rajoria, Director, Tourism Promotion Unit, M.P. Tourism, were in the city today leading a delegation of officials and stakeholders in tourism sector in a roadshow themed “Let’s talk Madhya Pradesh.”

Chaudhari told media persons in a press conference that the state offers a vast potential in heritage, pilgrimage, adventure and leisure tourism thanks to its landscape being strewn with tourist attractions. Profiling the salient features of major tourist destinations in the state Chaudhari said there is also an effort to develop less known spots around them.

Highlighting the key points of the new tourism policy, Rajoria said the incentives span over land allotment for hotels and resorts from government land parcels, exemption from Luxury Tax for hotels charging Rs 3000 or less per night, assignment of management rights for wayside amenities built by government or leasing of land for such amenities at very low rentals, waiver of certain other taxes for limited period and direct capital subsidy for investment in tourism projects.

Chaudhari said Madhya Pradesh witnessed arrival of 7 crore tourists in year 2015 as compared with 6 crores in year 2014 and the trend continues. Approximately 40 lakh foreign tourists visit the state and efforts are on to increase this number by promotions in India and overseas, Chaudhari said.