Mahabharata is not just a Literature, it is a Tradition– Dr. Devdutt Pattanaik

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Pune, December 24: Viewing Mahabharata as only an epic of war, outburst, malice and such relevant feelings is incorrect. Since it also reflects the feelings such as love, sympathy and affinity, Mahabharata is tradition and not just a literature, mentioned by Dr. Devdutt Pattanaik, a medical doctor whose focus is mythology, myth and religion.

Pune International Centre (PIC) in association with National Film Archive of India (NFAI) has orgnised a unique Film festival based on the epic Mahabharata at Film and Television Institute of India (FTII), Law College Road, Pune. Dr Devdutt Pattanaik was speaking during the inauguration of this festival.

Bhupendra Kainthola, Director- FTII, Dr. Shrikant Bahulkar, Honorary Secretary-in-Charge of Bhandarkar Oriental Research Institute (BORI), Prashant Girbane, Director (Hon.) – Pune International Centre, member Lalita Padgaonkar and other dignitaries were also present on the occasion.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Pattanaik said, “Like our other manuscript, there are multiple versions of Mahabharata is available in north, south and other parts of the country. Every region has written in their own language. Thus, it is difficult to judge whether it’s real or fake. A river has multiple flows so as Mahabharata and it is tough to decide the beginning and end of this epic story. In addition, similar to our Indian culture which has so many variations in it, Mahabharata and Ramayana are the epic with many forms.”

The festival which has begun from today will showcase ten widely varying films on the Mahabharata from 10.30am to 9.00pm. This exclusive Film Festival will be free and open for all on first come first basis. Few seats will be reserved for PIC members.

The films screened at the festival will reflect the different approaches to the great epic by filmmakers – an epic that continues to fascinate, inspire and guide even today. They cover a wide spectrum in terms of form, genre and interpretation: silent cinema, animation, children’s film, costume drama, modern adaptation, animation, tele serial and so on in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and English. Many of the films have won national awards.