Maharashtra Board Unveils Online Marking for Board Exams

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Pune, 24th January 2024: The Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education has revamped its assessment process by implementing an efficient online system for recording practical and oral test marks of state board students.

The traditional method, involving handwritten marks sent by various divisions to the board headquarters, has been replaced. The new system empowers school teachers to directly input students’ marks onto the state board portal. This initiative aims to expedite the mark calculation process, ensuring a swift declaration of board results.

Chairman of the state board, Sharad Gosavi, explained, “In the past, OMR sheets were scanned to register marks. This year, we have introduced the maker and checker process. Marks provided by a teacher will undergo cross-verification by the principal and be recorded on the online portal.”

Gosavi emphasized that the updated system is designed to minimize malpractices in schools, particularly those with affiliations to coaching centers for integrated admissions.

Practical assessments will involve contributions from school teachers, third-party assessors, subject teachers, and the school principal. Each assessor is responsible for recording the marks, which are then cross-verified and submitted online by the principal.

“The marks, once recorded online, will be final. Schools are required to submit a copy of the awarded marks to the divisional office and maintain a record within the school. The streamlined system is expected to reduce time consumption significantly,” added the chairman.