Maharashtra Education System Set for Revamp: State Board President Outlines Gradual Transition

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Pune, 20th February 2024: In Maharashtra, a shift in the educational system is expected, leading to changes in both the syllabus and examination formats. Maharashtra State Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education President Sharad Gosavi has indicated that the implementation of these changes may require at least two years. He clarified that the formats of the 10th and 12th-grade examinations will not undergo immediate alterations following the announcement of this policy. The transition to the new educational system is expected to be a gradual process.

Discussions with the NCERT and Principal Secretary have taken place regarding the implementation of the new syllabus and examination format. State board president Sharad Gosavi outlined the phased approach, mentioning that initially, the new syllabus would be introduced, followed by changes in the examination format. This process cannot occur abruptly, as it requires fostering positivity among students, parents, and teachers. The initial phase may involve changing the second, third, and sixth-grade books from the next academic year, with subsequent changes in the 10th and 12th-grade books.

Currently, objections are being sought on the draft State Curriculum Framework (SCF) for Class III to XII. After this, the draft will undergo finalization and approval by the steering committee. Gosavi emphasized that the preparation of the syllabus will precede the creation of textbooks, with the implementation of the new syllabus expected to begin in the coming years.

Along with clarifying those doubts he also mentioned that withholding of hall tickets for 10th and 12th-grade students who have taken their exams due to unpaid educational fees or other reasons is a serious concern. Gosavi has issued a warning, stating that schools should not impede students in this manner. He emphasized that if there are complaints from students or parents regarding this issue, appropriate action will be taken against the respective schools after the examinations. Gosavi revealed that the board has already received two complaints related to this matter.

Gosavi stated that upon receiving complaints, prompt action is being taken against the implicated schools. Directives have been issued to the relevant authorities to address this matter. Denying students their hall tickets before examinations is considered a grave matter by the Maharashtra Board, and measures are being taken to ensure that no student is deprived of the opportunity to take their exams for any reason. Gosavi mentioned that, historically, such issues have been reported more frequently from English medium schools, and the board is actively addressing these concerns to uphold the fair examination process.

Last year 11 cases of malpractice during examinations, leading to the registration of corresponding legal actions against the involved parties. Stringent measures, such as applying Section 144 within a 100-meter radius of examination centres and the closure of nearby Xerox centres, have been implemented. Those found indulging in malpractices, including original students and dummy candidates, face consequences, with original students barred from the next five exams.

Despite challenges, including a teacher strike during the initial days, the 12th-grade results were declared on time last year. Sharad Gosavi affirmed the commitment to maintaining this timeline, aiming to release the class 12th results by the last week of May this year.