Maharashtra: Electricity bills for June can be paid in installments

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Mumbai, June 23, 2020: The electricity bill for June is currently being issued by taking meter readings after the lockdown period. MSEDCL’s domestic electricity customers have easy installment options to pay their electricity bills, informed Maharashtra Energy Minister Dr Nitin Raut in a press conference held at MSEDCL’s Fort office.


MSEDCL customers have not been subjected to any kind of harassment through electricity bills. The electricity bills paid in June are for the units used by the customers during the lockdown period. MSEDCL has provided a special link to verify this electricity bill. If there is any doubt after that, customers can verify the increased electricity bill as per their requirement from the link You can also go to the MSEDCL office and understand the amount of electricity bills. Also, if the customer has got the wrong electricity bill then it will be corrected, said the minister.


He said that the meter readings could not be taken from consumers during the lockdown period. Therefore, electricity bills were issued in April and May according to the average electricity consumption. However, during this period, as per the appeal of MSEDCL, the customers who sent the meter readings themselves were issued bills according to the actual electricity consumption. 

Now the process of taking meter readings has started in most places in the state in June. Meter readings are being taken live in June for the first time since March. Therefore, aggregate and accurate bill of total electricity consumption is being issued to the customers from March to June. The bill seeks to ensure that consumers do not pay even a single penny extra. The slab benefit is being given if the electricity bill is for more than one month. Also, if the customer has paid the average amount of electricity bill in April and May, the amount is being adjusted, Dr Raut said.


 Minister of State for Energy Prajakt Tanpure, Principal Secretary (Energy) and Chairman and Managing Director of MSEDCL Dinesh Waghmare and other senior officials of MSEDCL were also present.