Maharashtra Governor Mandates Timely Result Declarations for Universities under the National Educational Policy

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Mumbai, 20th May 2023: Maharashtra Governor Ramesh Bais, adorned with the title of Chancellor for all public universities in the state, has ordained that the universities must expeditiously declare the results of the final undergraduate and post-graduate examinations.


In adherence to the newly enshrined provisions of the National Educational Policy (NEP), the hallowed halls of academia must strive to unveil these scholastic outcomes within a minimum of 30 days, and at most, 45 days.


Amidst the grandeur of Raj Bhavan, the governor presided over a momentous convocation, where he summoned the vice-chancellors of non-agricultural, agriculture, health science, and technology universities. Within the depths of this august gathering, he reiterated the gravity of this mandate, emphasizing that any university found remiss in fulfilling the stipulations of the NEP would be held accountable for their dereliction.


Notably, many universities have regrettably faltered in their duty to promptly deliver the fruits of examination endeavors since the lamentable advent of the COVID-19 pandemic. With a commitment to rectifying this grievous shortcoming, the governor announced that a momentous conclave for the remaining universities shall convene in Nagpur, where the formidable topic of expeditious result declarations shall be further expounded upon.


As the forthcoming academic session of 2023-24 looms on the horizon, the governor has decreed that convocations must be organized, with the express purpose of evaluating the universities’ preparedness for implementing the National Educational Policy (NEP). Moreover, these convocations shall serve as a fertile ground for discourse on matters germane to the realm of academia, enabling a nuanced exploration of topical issues that pervade the university domain.


With the relentless sands of time slipping through their fingers, universities across Maharashtra possess a brief span of one or two months to align their operations with the sacred tenets of the NEP. The governor, adorned with high hopes, beseeches the state to emerge as a luminary, a paragon of virtue in executing the NEP with unparalleled excellence.


As myriad examinations have been tragically delayed, plunging the current academic calendar into disarray, it is incumbent upon the universities to assiduously adhere to the sacred duty of declaring results promptly. The governor, cognizant of the multifarious trials that beset students, passionately opined on the crucial nature of timely result declarations and the expeditious distribution of quality magazines. He ardently voiced his conviction that students, often compelled to seek admissions in other colleges or foreign universities, require expeditious access to their final mark sheets, merit certificates, or temporary degree certificates. In the unfortunate event of universities exhibiting an unresponsive demeanor, afflicted students resort to penning fervent appeals to the administration, beseeching for clemency.


The governor passionately implored the university administration to handle the grievances of students with utmost sensitivity and compassion. Drawing attention to a recent debacle that reverberated through the corridors of academia, wherein 200 law degree students were inexplicably awarded zero marks in a subject, he exhorted universities to take measures to prevent such catastrophic blunders. In the event of errors occurring, immediate relief should be extended to the affected students, for the arc of justice must swiftly descend to assuage their anguish.


During the convocation, Vikas Chandra Rastogi, the principal secretary of the Department of Higher and System Education, presented an exhaustive review on the implementation of the National Educational Policy.