Maharashtra : Innovation council will be established as independent govt. entity 

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–         Organization will boost Start up India campaign

–         Ragunath Mashelkar named as the Jt. President of council

Mumbai, Feb 2  – The Maharashtra cabinet has given the permission to establish the state innovation council as a independent entity under societies registration act, that will boost the start up India initiative.

According to the government decision, it has decided to appoint Chief Secretary as the president and Scientist Dr. Raghunath Mashelkar as Jt. President of the council.

The council will function as the apex body of district level innovation councils. The organization will promote discoveries, innovative ideas, etc. with help of other schools, colleges, universities and research centres.

The innovation mission is also designed to guide the young generation and boost the start up India moment initiated by the PM Narendra Modi to promote entrepreneurship in young India, the government said.